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For questions, player updates, plotting, and sitewide plots, find them all here!
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We've got a buncha fun things to offer here from just casual chat, to art, to member graphic shops, to contests!
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If you're here to advertise, this is your spot! Please post in the correct boards. First Step or Follow Me. Nowhere else!
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Ready to join us with a character? Here's the place to start! Just copy the character application, paste it into a new thread, and fill in the details. Remember to mark a work in progress! And if we don't accept or acknowledge your application within a few days, please nudge us!
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Our World: Komorrah

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Consisting of Kessir, Teirno, Tunshow, and Boudreaux Districts, the city is expansive and wild, full of noise and cars and people. Crowded and perfect for someone who just wants to blend in. In the city you will find the Dodgers' home territory, the Labyrinth.
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The Slums are a large, run down section of the city with many unpaved or broken roadways, condemned houses, drugs, violence, and chaos. The Richardson, Sparrow, River. Blood Village, and even parts of Teirno Districts all make up the Slums. Many of its residents once worked in Donny's Scrapyard, but since it's shutdown, the only ones who now work from there are the Yardies.
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The Coast, or Sturgeon Bay is an area made up of beaches, coves, a coastal town, and a busy dock. Jones Beach is located at the bottom of high, stony cliffs, which house the edges of the city above. The Crabs live on a secluded part of the beach in a secret cove, only accessible by the cliffs above. A small stream trickles over their caves into the pool sometimes, supplying a tiny bit of fresh water.
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Almakee Forest, located beyond the river sectioning off the Slums from the greenery, contains many things, both desirable and not. While it supplies fresh prey like rabbits, squirrels, elk, and rodents, there are also bears, birds of prey, and mountain lions that also call the forest their home.
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This is a crack forum - anything goes! You can RP out the past, future, or play NPCs if you like! You can RP something in Komorrah or somewhere else! Please decide if your thread is Canon or Non-Canon and post in the correct forum.
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Archived or dead threads, dropped characters, past auditions, and finished transactions can be found here for reference!
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( the west coast ) by ( wc staff )