Full Credits

Everything used on Infidelis was obtained through granted permission from the original owner(s). Credit to each of these awesome people is listed below!

If you're not listed here and feel like you should be, please contact a Staff member and it will be sorted!

Site Concept & Layout

  • The original concept for Infidelis is the intellectual property of Tobi with many, many ideas, writings, codings, and guides contributed by both Silvy and Sammiie.
  • The board layout was made using coding resources from:

Board Images

Should we have accidentally missed any others, all credit goes to their original owners. We do not claim to own any of these images or coding resources used to beautify this site!

Member Images

It should be noted that we do not regulate what images our members use for their profiles. If you find your images in use and want them taken down, please PM both the user and Tobi so that we can have the images removed immediately.


  • Discord Posting Tag Game created by Kitty of SoulsRPG, obtained with permission!