Face Claim List

We don't require you to post your face claims here - we take care of that for you! We do, however, require you to do so in your joining application. Your picture claims are then transferred here for everyone else's reference.

The claims are listed under the real breed of the dog in the pictures; if they're a mix, they're listed under the breed they look most like. If they're a mutt and their breed isn't stated or obvious, they are listed under Unknown Breed. Hovering over the "album name" will allow you to see which character is currently using the pictures.

Cats and other creature character claims are listed at the very end under "Cats / Creatures".

Albums you create with images you found in random places (like Google and Pinterest) are listed as "Compiled Album" and it's your job to make sure you're not using the same pictures as someone else!

Using The List

When using this list, we recommend that you use the "Find" feature on your computer, tablet, phone, etc. On the PC, it's Ctrl + F (for Mac, CMND + F). On another mobile device, look for your browser settings and select "Find" or something equivalent.

With the "Find" feature, you can either search the breed or a specific picture source. All Face Claims are listed by their source. For Instagram accounts, they're listed as their account name; for other sources like adoption pages, they are listed under the dog in the article's name and the site name. If that confuses you, try looking through the list. You might be more of a visual learner!

While using the list, if there's an adoptable that catches your eye and you find it leads you to a broken link, ask us! It's probably in our adoptable storage, and we can pull it out for you!

NOTE: Breeds that have a lot of variations, such as 'Mastiff' (Agentinian Mastiff, American Mastiff, German Mastiff, English Mastiff, etc.) are listed under their base breed. If you can't find your specific breed, try taking out the specification first!

Akita "Sera" Reikriki used by Mykie.
American Bully "Tan One" from MVP_Bullies used by Silvy.
"Blue Merle One" from MegaBuiltBullies used by Silvy.
Carolina_Bullies_NYC used by Sativa.
"Cardi Blue" from IdealK9s used by ADOPTABLE.
American Pitbull Terrier "Prague" from XXLDesignerPitbulls used by ADOPTABLE.
"Batman" from UnleashedKennelz used by Fang.
"Kalea" from Kalea_And_Rocky used by ADOPTABLE.
BlindyMagoo used by ADOPTABLE.
Anatolian Shepherd Compiled Album used by Silvy.
Australian Shepherd Compiled Album used by Panicky.
FernTheAussiePup used by Chili.
Basenji ArgoTheBasenji used by Rose.
Beagle "052 - 054" from Jaded-Night-Stock used by ADOPTABLE.
Belgian Malinois Sawyers.Adventures used by Yellow.
Falco.Malinois used by Lurkyderp.
Mailo_My_Malinois used by Sativa.
Belgian Tervuren HaileyTheBelgian used by Scout01.
"Alpha" from Tervuren_Boys used by Mykie.
Berger Picard WyliePicard used by Samhain.
Beuceron "Anubis" from Low_Country_Beaucerons used by Dragons.
"Beauceron" from AnimalSo.com used by Kipekee.
"Quila" from DukeAndQuila used by Effy.
Street-Frey@Flickr used by Trynxie.
Wikimedia Commons by KekeK9 used by Trynxie.
Ohara_The_Beauceron used by Fang.
Bloodhound Compiled Album used by Trinket.
Border Collie InMonkey62@Flickr's Album used by ADOPTABLE.
Lola_The_Rescue_Dog used by ADOPTABLE.
"Birch" from BeingBirch used by Rose.
RiverExplores used by Simba.
Zorro.BC used by ADOPTABLE.
"Enzo" from ZiggyAndEnzo used by ADOPTABLE.
Borzoi Compiled Album used by Silvy.
"Betty" from RunTuffBorzoi used by Sammiie.
"Neo" from HeronHound used by Sammiie.
Bulldog "Mobster" from Moonbulls95 used by ADOPTABLE.
Biggs_The_Bulldog used by Mobius.
Bully Kutta Compiled Album used by Warpaint.
Cane Corso CaneCorsoChief used by ADOPTABLE.
"Khaleesi" from KhaleesiKarmaAndGordo used by Panicky.
Catahoula Leopard Dog Red_Catahoula used by ADOPTABLE.
"Wiley" by Matyrphoto@Flickr used by ADOPTABLE.
BeignetWhiskeyFeatherBottom used by Sammiie.
"Bogart" Album by Wee3Beasties@Flickr used by Lurkyderp.
Cattle Dog "Skimo" Album by Hellopcopter@Flickr used by Panicky.
Compiled Album used by Ray.
Chihuahua "Pixel" from TeensyTwins used by ADOPTABLE.
Chow Chow Koda_BearPup used by Rose.
Cocker Spaniel Boston.Cocker used by ADOPTABLE.
Corgi KodaBearTheAuggie used by Bugg.
Coydog AllMyDogsAreHeathens used by Sammiie.
Doberman Pinscher RugerDobie used by Silvy.
"Doberman" Album by Eral@Flickr used by Effy.
Yoda_TheWhiteDoberman used by ADOPTABLE.
"Newton" from Newton.And.Koper used by Warpaint.
Roxx_Onyx_Doberman used by Christi15.
Dogo Argentino Hiking_Dogo_Outdoor2 used by Silvy.
Evas_Dogo_Cooper used by Lurkyderp.
Dutch Shepherd Hypestripe used by Sammiie.
Olanda_The_Dutchie used by Thursday.
Eurohound "Flora" from SpeedBacks used by ADOPTABLE.
German Shepherd Pepper.Phillips used by Silvy.
Von.Jakoba used by Silvy.
JacksonTheHuskyShepherd used by Warpaint.
Elrics.Adventures used by ADOPTABLE.
ZoGSD used by Caliope.
BrindleWolff used by Kipekee.
German Shorthaired Pointer Wellington_The_GSP used by Sativa.
Golden Retriever Jaxson_TheGolden used by ADOPTABLE.
Great Dane GreatDane.ru used by Christ15.
FurBabyMoo used by ADOPTABLE.
Great Pyrenees Carmen.Carmen.Carmen.Chameleon used by ADOPTABLE.
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog NashieTheSwissy used by Mobius.
Greyhound PabloTheGrey used by Mobius.
Groenendael "My Companion" Album by Babushka@Flickr used by ADOPTABLE.
Minuit.Groenendael used by Night.
Jack Russell Terrier SenorFernand used by ADOPTABLE.
Kelpie C00per_The_Kelpie used by Silvy.
Sima_Ginger used by ADOPTABLE.
Labrador Retriever MyDogFlecki used by ADOPTABLE.
Django.PastorMallorquin used by ADOPTABLE.
Mastiff ALBUM used by ADOPTABLE.
"Ask" from Sannas_DogPhotography used by ADOPTABLE.
Native American Indian Dog "Tikaani" from Tikaani_Kodiak_PawPack used by ADOPTABLE.
New Guinea Singing Dog "Teluk" from Honeybadger411 used by Mobius.
Papillon "Mika" from Ku_Non@Flickr used by ADOPTABLE.
Pharaoh Hound Harley.Pharaoh.Queen used by Komasan.
Pomeranian "Pomeranian" from K9RL.com used by Kipekee.
Poodle Bentley_The_Poodle used by ADOPTABLE.
"Ginny" from GinkaTurbinka used by ADOPTABLE.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Ridgeback.King used by ADOPTABLE.
Saint Bernard Selma_The_Saint used by Simba.
SaintMixBruno used by ADOPTABLE.
Saluki SalukiAtash used by ADOPTABLE.
SpookySaluki used by ADOPTABLE.
Schnauzer Sherlock_Mac_Schnauzer used by ADOPTABLE.
Siberian Husky Ninja.Vom.Wolfstor used by Sammiie.
WinterTheSiberian used by Silvy.
TheHuskyJoey used by Mei.
FluffyChewyMonsterAllie used by ADOPTABLE.
Silken Windhound "Fawkes" from The-Pasta-Pack used by Rose.
"Julius" by Markiisi@Flickr used by Dragons.
Staffordshire Terrier Mila_The_Grey_Staffy used by Zena.
"Sune" from TheStaffyBrothers used by ADOPTABLE.
RaptorDog used by ADOPTABLE.
Swiss Shepherd "Tracy" Album by Borekl@Flickr used by Dragons.
RastaWhiteShepherd used by Sammiie.
Unknown Breed "4 - 10" from Freya-Soft-Paws used by Dragons.
APupNamedSquish used by ADOPTABLE.
APuppyNamedCharlotte used by ADOPTABLE.
"Frankie" from Muttshots used by ADOPTABLE.
And.LovelyThings used by Moonstar.
"Foxy" from Maikakarolii used by ADOPTABLE.
Pixel_Mcflurry used by Naviira.
"Circusdog" Album by Stimmermann@Flickr used by ADOPTABLE.
Weimaraner Compiled Album used by Panicky.
Wolfhound "Atlantis" from EndlessTale used by Chili.
Wolfdog "Silver One" from TalesofTwoNobles used by Silvy.
"Yari" from YariAndLycan used by Dragons.
"Noctis & Asgard" DesterresduValhalla used by Sammiie.
"Noctis & Asgard" from DesterresduValhalla used by Sammiie.
Cats / Creatures Walter.And.Winston used by Sammiie.
MaineCoon_Skwarek used by Rose.
Magnus.TheBatCat used by Silvy.
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