Earning Kibble

Kibble, or Infidelis’ currency, is what you collect to purchase various things in our Barc Shop! There are many, many ways to earn Kibble including, posting, participating in contests, having the top posting character onsite, being a runner-up to the top posting character of the month, and many more things! For a detailed run-through of our monthly contests, check out Fun & Games.

Equally, there are many ways to use your Kibble, too! There are dozens of items in our Barc Shop that are there for the taking, including art and graphics, but also board perks, character perks, and other fun, little things!

We allow players to gift each other Kibble as well as purchase gifts for friends. Your Kibble is your business - do what you want to do with it!

Below is a table that lists all the ways that you can earn Kibble on Infidelis. To claim Kibble from below, please visit the Kibble (And Prize) Claim and provide your ‘proof’ of submission!

out of character
5 Make an in character post (automatically awarded)
10 Nominate someone else for Monthly Spotlight
10 Create an open thread in an IC territory (per thread)
10 Mention another character in your post (per post)
10 Create a new in character thread (automatically awarded)
25 Suggest a new prompt for the Prompt Generator (automatically awarded, per suggestion)
50 Complete a thread with at least 8 posts in total
50 Be the Third Top Poster of the Month! (awarded automatically)
100 Adopt an IF Adoptable
100 Be a Monthly Spotlight
100 Be the Second Top Poster of the Month! (awarded automatically)
100 Leave a positive review on our RPG Initiative Directory Listing!
200 Adopt the Featured Adoptable of the Month!
250 Be the Top Poster of the Month! (awarded automatically)
in character
10 Meet a dog from another gang
10 Perform your job or rank duties
10 Get into a fight with a dog from a different gang
10 Teach a Tailer or Brat an invaluable lesson
10 Visit a subterritory you've never been to before
25 Play a traditional gang game (Catcher-Dodger, Ringers, Hide-And-Seek, etc.)
25 Participate in a gang meeting, ceremony, or activity (per character)
50 Obtain a Special Rank in your gang (Entertainer, Fool, Snitch, Hitter, etc.)
50 Get promoted to a Level 2 Rank in your job
75 Get promoted to a Level 3 Rank in your job
100 Attend your Graduation Ceremony with at least 3 posts (Tailers only)
150 Get promoted to Boss or Vice rank in your gang
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