Newcomer's Guide

Welcome to Infidelis! If at any point you feel lost and confused, just remember you're in a community full of helpful members and we're right here, walking you through the whole way! If you've got a question, ask it! We realize that getting to know a new site might be challenging and intimidating at first, but we're here for you! Take it as slow as you need and ask as many questions as you need! There are no stupid ones :)

  • You are required to make your Player Account first. This is because not only will you need to post your character application(s) in this account, but while you wait for them to be accepted, you will only have access to the Out of Character parts of the site.
  • Each new player starts with two character slots by default, which means you can create or adopt two characters as soon as you start with us! Your second free slot is also immune to auxiliary character post requirements.

  1. RULES - You cannot skip this step. Reading these will give you an idea of what we expect of you as a member here. We expect you to familiarize yourself with them in case you need to reference them later!
  2. PLOT & SETTING - In order to immerse your character(s) in Infidelis’ setting, you need to know what to expect from the city of Komorrah and what kind of lands we have in and around the city!
  3. ACTIVITY & POSTING - This page will help you with what we expect of you as a roleplayer here. You’ll understand activity and posting requirements by the time you’ve given it a read-through!
  4. CREATING A CHARACTER - This is an important, immersive guide to creating the best character here on Infidelis. Whether you’re a new or old member, we strongly recommend you give this a read-through every once in a while to refresh yourself with our expectations! Following this guide can potentially get your character’s application processed and accepted quicklier, too!

  1. Your chosen gang's page: Crabs, Saints, Dodgers, Yardies
  2. PROCEDURES - This is not particularly important if you’re just starting out, but definitely worth a read at some point!
  3. HISTORY - Learn about Infidelis’ history! This might be important to you if you’re playing a character that has been in their gang for a while.
  4. SKILL POINTS - This page explains how we handle character promotions and Special & High Ranks eligibility. Definitely worth a read at some point!
  5. REALISM - This page explains a few topics on realism, and it’s definitely a good, supplemental read once your character is accepted onto the board!


Check out Infidelis' Super Secret Cheat Sheet to make your first babysteps into Infidelis as Fresh Meat a smooth ride!

Dear Lurkers

For those of you just stalking around the site, unsure if you really want to join yet, there’s a Group for you! You can add your account to it yourself under the Groups Tab in your Profile page. Becoming an Infidelis Lurker lets us know that you’re interested, but not quite yet ready. This Lurker group will keep your account from getting deleted during our monthly activity checks, too. So, essentially, it allows us to get to know you as you wade through our information and keeps you around longer!

Lurkers are strongly encouraged to join our Discord Server and pop in every now and then to say hello! Come in and hang out - we’d love to get to know you! It’s much easier to join a new site when you’ve already established friendships. Our community is positive and filled with many great people who would love to help you through your confusion or just make joining a new site a smoother process!