Rules & Procedures

This page is our most important one: our rules. This is where you should start, to get a feel of what we expect from you as a member and a roleplayer here. After this page, you can move down the list of essentials to read up on important information before you join!

If you have any questions about any of this, you can ask any staff member via PM, the Discord, the chatbox, or post your question on our Help Board.


  1. Be respectful! Disrespect, harassment, or discrimination of any member, staff, or guest will not be tolerated! Please be mindful of what you say to other people and don't push conversations that make others feel uncomfortable! Maintain a mature, respectful composure with everyone on site!
  2. No bubble roleplaying! It's cool if you want to RP with your friends, but we ask that you branch out and play with others, too! It's rude to purposely ignore other members when they're trying to RP with you. Step out of your circle, try something new, play out a challenging thread, and plot with new people!
  3. Please keep our Discord and chatbox PG-13 at all times, which means no heavy cursing, no vulgarity, and no NSFW topics!
  4. Our board rating is 2 0 3, which might not mean a whole lot to you, so let's break it down:
    • 2: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. This means if a swear slips out of character's mouth, it's fine. However, there shouldn't be excessive swearing in anyone's posts, whether in or out of character.
    • 0: No sexual content permitted. This means there shouldn't be any sexual references in your posts at all. All posts going there should fade to black before the sexual stuff happens.
    • 3: Extreme violence is permitted. This means you can go crazy with your violent posts. There are no limitations here. However, if you're going into extreme detail, it'd be courteous to note it somewhere in the thread description or your post's OOC area to warn others.

Posting & Activity

  1. Posts should be written in the English language only. However, characters are allowed to speak in different languages as long as translation is provided.
  2. Your posts must be comprehensible, past tense, in the third-person POV, and must be a minimum of five sentences. Give people something juicy to work with! If you're struggling, we can help you on the Proofreading Forum.
    • While we are an intermediate roleplay, we do accept all skill levels here at Infidelis. Make sure your posts are understandable.
    • Major, recurring issues with your posts will result in a strike. This includes repeated use of any tense other than past, any POV other than third person, confusing run-on sentences, broken English, lack of punctuation, etc. All that we ask is that you try to improve while you're with us!
  3. There should be absolutely no Godmoding, Powerplaying, or Metagaming.
  4. You must be able to meet our bare minimum activity requirement of 1 post per month with all of your characters in order to keep them. However, we do encourage members to aim for at least 5 posts per month with each character for good activity.
    • Keep your thread partners in mind! Be polite; don't make them wait for a reply too long! And if you know you're going to be slow, warn them ahead of time!
  5. Any characters that are lacking in activity (not involved, posting the minimum, missing activity checks, etc.) over a period of 3 months may be denied use of their remaining character slots or future character slot purchases until their activity and involvement improves.
  6. Any sitewide plots that you've signed your character(s) up for MUST BE PRIORITIZED. If you have a character in a plot thread and you abandon it, there's a good chance you'll be overlooked for more active players in the next plot sign-up.
  7. All active characters are subject to be tagged by our Prompt Pup. Basically, Prompt Pup will start you off with a setting, situation, and time, and will tag a bunch of characters to participate in said thread. These random events are completely optional. If you find you’ve been tagged by Prompt Pup, but don’t have time for another thread, you can simply ignore it; however, those who do complete these prompts get bonus kibble for being good sports!
  8. In order to gain another character you must have both an open character slot and at least five recently made posts on all previous characters. While we prefer these posts to be made within said month, 'grace periods' and leniancy can apply; I.E it being the beginning of a new month. If you're thinking about picking up a new character in the future and want to ensure that you've been keeping up good activity, ask us in General Maintenance! We'll let you know if any of your characters need improvement!

Character Drops

If you're killing off or just simply dropping a character, you must wait 2 weeks before creating or adopting another character. Some leniancy may apply based on a case by case situation.

This is to prevent players from dropping and switching too often or on a whim. We encourage everyone to think about the characters they want to play or want to adopt and consider whether that character would be right for them and interesting enough to play long-term. If you want to "test-drive" a character before making a commitment, let the adoptable-owner know (whether its IF Staff or another player) know that you'd like to do so in the non-canon Genesis board!


If you think you will be going on a long-term hiatus (longer than a month), you must post an update in our Member Updates board. In it, we require you to provide us with:

  • an estimate of how long you think you'll be away
  • a form of contact. This can be your Discord or an email you check regularly, whichever.
  • your intended return date

Your accounts will be locked while you're away, but not deleted. Players taking hiatuses lasting longer than one month may not keep their High Ranks; their characters will be demoted. When you come back and if the position is still open, you may audition again.

After the estimated amount of time you list on your Member Update expires, you will be contacted by one of us and given a choice to rejoin or extend your hiatus. The maximum amount of time you can take away from IF in total is 6 months (real-time). So, if you post your update now and say you need 3 months, we'll contact you after 3 months and give you the option to extend your hiatus or rejoin. After that 6 months is used up, if you do not rejoin, your accounts will be deleted.

If we attempt to contact you, you'll have 15 days to get back to us. If the 15 days pass and you still have not replied or joined, your accounts will be deleted.

We feel that 6 months is more than enough time for someone to figure out if they have the motivation / time / mental or emotional strength to keep RPing with a site. And even after a member needs to leave us for a while, they are always welcomed back no matter what!

Time & Timeline

  1. Infidelis uses fluid time, which allows your character to be in multiple threads at once. We require every thread to have a date and location, and abide by the listed weather for that day. Some members also put time and that's helpful, too!
  2. We use a Timeline to track our threads, which is updated manually. It lists an accurate record of your character's location and time. Please take travel time and events very seriously! Your character should not be fighting a gang war and fishing on the beach on Aug 12 at noon.
  3. When threads are created or finished, you are to submit them to our Maintenance thread, where you'll be required to provide the date, time (if applicable), thread link, and a short description of what happened in the thread.
    • Members can also request for threads to be archived or revived here as well! For revivals, simply provide a link to the archived thread and let us know which forum to put it back in!
  4. Our sitewide month will change when the Timeline when the monthly plot threads are all started and most of them are finished.
    • We encourage members to keep the time moving forward instead of lingering on past months. It is okay to post in the previous month, but we prefer for new characters and the like to be introduced in the current time frame.
    • Staff will usually be the ones to start the new month. A sitewide month will not stretch any longer than 6 real weeks!


  • We have a fun, somewhat optional, Player Ranking System that all members can participate in to earn board perks, art, free characters slots, and items from the Barc Shop.
    • It is up to you whether you want to work towards climbing our ranks for free prizes and board privileges or roleplay at your own leisure. Most of the prizes and perks can be found in the Barc Shop available for purchase with Kibble. More on our Ranking System can be found here.
  • We don't have any specific rules about using pictures other than providing credit where it's due, if its available. If you find a photo on Google and someone pops in and asks you to take it down, do it. Other than that, using any picture is fine!
  • Check our Canine Chronicle from time to time, which is pinned at the top of every page in the IC forums. Our Canine Chronicle provides frequent site updates including breed bans, breed discouragements, announcements, and IC news and updates.