Saints Information

The Saints are a newly formed gang made up of dogs who've escaped from a recently busted underground dog fighting ring. Both inside and out, they're a ragtag bunch, barely held together by some sort of bond. These dogs have yet to learn the camaraderie that a gang should have, and it's doubtful whether or not they ever will. The policies and beliefs they hold true to their heart is far different, and perhaps far more morbid, than the other gangs. Alas, they're bound together not by the bond they hold to each other, but, by a similar pain they all share. Beware these dogs who dwell in slums of Blood Village, who hunger for revenge. They may be called 'The Saints', but, they're everything but.

After escaping, the dogs decided to stay together in best hopes for survival. It was a dog named Karma who stepped up and formed them into a gang after hearing the tales of the three dog gangs that ruled the city. They would be called 'The Saints'.



The Saints have similar ranks to the other gang due to their founding bosses' heavy fascination with them and how they function. However, just like the ceremonies, they have been skewered to fit The Saints. Their Explorers are their specialized rank. They arose due to the need of dogs who would ensure The Saint's next home would be safe. Or, as safe as one can get while living in Blood Village.


Believe it or not, yes, even these ruthless dogs can play a game or two. They're not at each others throat 24/7, after all! Most of their games are a simple bit of rough playing, to which they're actually a bit careful of not harming each other too bad. The brats occasionally play a game of seeing who can bite each other the hardest without yelping - even if its frowned upon by some of the Denmothers. Occasionally, the boss will call the gang together to do something called a 'gladiator'. After a large amount of food is gathered, any dogs who wish to have first pickings will fight against each other. The dog remaining standing is declared the winner. It is forbidden for the boss to join in this all out brawl.


The Saints are ruthless dogs, as demonstrated by their mannerisms to the ceremonies they hold. Any weak willed dogs are quickly weeded out - they have no place for those who can't stand with them. The gang has a lot to learn about how to function together as one. Unlike the other gangs, one can easily see they're barely bound together, hence why uncooperativeness or fights breaking out between members aren't too uncommon - nor are they frowned upon. However, when it does really come down to it, they are a gang. When they really need one another, they're there for each other. It's just, old habits die hard. After all, all of the original members did come from a massive underground dog fighting ring.

These dogs are some of the few who actually stand up to and even sometimes attack humans - especially in their home territory, Blood Village. Attacking or biting humans within Blood Village has few repercussions due to all the other problems it already has....But outside of it? Yes, their rowdy behavior with humans often causes a bit of problems with the other gangs.

skill in combat

A rather obvious skill of the Saints, but they're masters in the form of combat. Not just biting and snapping, but actual skill and battle analysis. Some forms of combat moves, though gruesome, are Saint exclusive and taught to tailers. Even healers know how to defend themselves in combat. Most of these dogs are, at the least, physically strong. Their general fighting style is considered merciless - and plenty of these dogs are firm believers in 'fighting till the end'.

nomadic lifestyle

Living in Blood Village is tough. And extremely dangerous. Because of this, the dogs have become accustomed to have to often move and switch living arrangements, often living in abandoned warehouses or the occasional gated alleyway. Dogs who are unfit for the sometimes long or dangerous travels will often be left behind - pups included.

The Saints are also one of the few gangs who will scavenge for food any and everywhere - they have no qualms against scavenging in other territories if they feel the need or want to. This is yet another reason why they emphasize on combat training. Another gang can't do anything against intruders if you make them fear you and your skills, right?

the law

Despite many things having been learned from the other gangs via stories and tales, the law was not one of them. None of The Saints really know what this 'Unspoken Law' is - and even if they did, they likely wouldn't care.


A rather odd quirk of The Saints is this rather gruesome practice that they've taken with them from their days as Fighting Dogs. While not mandatory, sometimes, Tailers of breeds that typically get their ears cropped {Bully breeds, Dobermans, Danes, Mastiff breeds} may approach the older dogs to 'strengthen their ears'. In a rather painful, bloody process, the healer and a few other dogs will carefully bite and tear at the young dogs ears and bind them upwards with whatever material they find, 'cropping' them. Sometimes, they go well. Sometimes...they don't. It's seen as a sign of strength though should a Tailer decide to get them done.

Leader Policies


Karma is a new leader - fresh and without training. And so, she still has a lot to learn in how to go about things. She knows she's imperfect, but, this hinders her none in striving to make The Saints the strongest dogs they can be, even if her methods are cruel. While many parts of her gang stem from what she's heard of the other 3 gangs, Karma personally found plenty of their methods to be 'flawed' or otherwise, 'weak'. And so, she sought to change them.

Karma herself is a merciless leader, who doesn't shy away at the idea of spilling a gangmates blood for the sake of a lesson or punishment. She firmly believes in 'setting examples' in her punishments to prevent the same mistake from being made. those who dare cross her or break rules. Karma, however, does not see this as cruel - she see's it as necessary. For dogs who lived for spilling blood, Karma believes that being soft will not work. Her dogs are not weak - she knows this because the weak are weeded out. And those that remain...well, they're more than capable of accepting her punishments then. Despite her harshness and arrogance, Karma is fairly smart and does attempt to be a 'fair' ruler. Even if this makes her seem all the more coldhearted. Seldom will she lead her dogs into something that seems unfavorable. That being said, she has no problem 'playing dirty' to ensure the Saints victory either.

Outsiders are warned - to step into the saints territory it to more often than not, forfeit your life. She often commands her dogs to 'get rid' of most outsiders on sight. And 'get rid' typically means 'kill' - or at least set an example that the Saints are not ones to be trifled with. Very few outsiders will often be let into the gang, should they not have been former fighting dogs from the ring or perhaps acquaintances of her gangmates. This is because Karma considers her gang to be one of, if not the, most important thing to her. She will not risk everything to protect dogs she does not trust. And to lose Karma's trust {something a dog within her gang automatically has} is ill-advised. A dog she cannot trust is a dead dog indeed.

And what of the other gangs? Karma, for the most part, sees them as momentary toys - things of amusement. Little ants that need to be eventually crushed for the survival of The Saints, really. Despite this, she doesn't seem to mind forging an alliance if she finds it beneficial to The Saints. And while her gang may seem 'pleasant' at first, the alliance will most likely turn into an almost parasitic nature. She'll prey upon the weakness of the other gang - she'll exploited them, bully them almost, until there's nothing left for The Saints to take or gain. As stated - Karma's gang is her only priority. Those who get killed in the Saints survival is none of her business.

Past & Present Ranks

  • Karma, founding Boss

  • Angelus Mortis (disappeared)
  • None!

  • Zhiva

  • Duchess (disobeyed the Boss, demoted)
  • Casimira

  • Attentus (deceased)
  • None!

  • Mayless (disappeared)
  • None!