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Elevated above the city on vertical bluffs, Abita Springs sits on a land-shelf of sorts. Bays Thicket is the lowest point in this elevation, while Greenstone sits at the highest. The majority of this area is covered in thick forests, with the exception of Calloway, which is a wide open and lush valley with grassy knolls.
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Also known as New City, San Angelo has all the bells and whistles. Abstract and interesting attractions bring in heavy tourism to Boudreaux and Tunshow, while the tall buildings continue to amaze the simplest tourists. San Angelo’s aesthetic is gray and pristine, and its modernized architecture, signage, and decor only add to the city’s aesthetic.
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Named for the way that the buildings in this area are colored like desert rocks, Red Rock City boasts a lot of old-age features. In fact, it actually <i>is</i> the oldest part of Komorrah; with its unique aesthetic, its structures are uniquely made of sandstone, uncut stone, clay bricks, and even wood, instead of concrete or other modern building materials. Most of the structures that make up this area are residential housing or smaller two-to-three-story buildings.
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Sugar Plains, named way back in the day when the majority of it was sugar cane fields, consists of the majority of the farmland and neighboring suburbs south of the city. This area is mostly greenery with the exception of the farmlands, which are rich with crop, livestock, and other materials. The southern parts of the city fade away into suburban neighborhoods with wide-open fields, backyards littered with playground equipment, and wide open roads that are barely used.
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Sprawling spruce trees, crumbling ruins, rolling meadows, and beautiful, naturally growing flowers highlight what this forest is all about. The tree cover is thick, housing many types of plants and animals at their wildest state underneath its canopy. The forest rolls right up to the Black Hill Mountain Range's base, feeding into its lower depths still. Snaking through the forest are many streams and creeks, providing its inhabitants with many opportunities for fresh water.
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Known as the ‘place beyond the sea’ to the inhabitants of Komorrah, Maroux sits several miles away from the docks of Sturgeon Bay. Filled with the jazzy tunes of street players or the delicious smells of grilled-seafood from nearby stands, Maroux knows it's different and doesn’t try to hide it. The majority of its residents are superstitious and follow a religion similar to witchcraft and shamanism.
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This is a crack forum - anything goes! You can RP out the past, future, or play NPCs if you like! You can RP something in Infidelis' universe or somewhere else! Please decide if your thread is Canon or Non-Canon and post in the correct forum.
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