Activity & Posting


Activity is very important to us at Infidelis as it is the one thing that keeps the board buzzing and alive. We require all our members to post the bare minimum of one post every 30 days with each of their characters to stay active, though we recommend posting at least five posts a month with each character to keep yourself immersed in the roleplay.


All posts written on Infidelis should be in the English Language only. We do allow characters to speak different languages as long as translation is provided, however, the prose of the post should only be in English.


Being that Infidelis is an intermediate roleplay, we expect all members to be able to write posts that are understandable, in the past tense, in the third-person Point of View, and are a minimum of five sentences. There is no set word count enforced, but we do require you to give your roleplay partner something to answer! IF Staff as well as your fellow peers are always around to help you if you get stuck and need some help driving your posts! Drop a question in Help or #Help Channel on Discord!

Even if you do not think you are an intermediate-level writer, we will not turn you away as long as you are trying to improve! We want to see your effort by you fixing your mistakes and reaching out for help.

Godmoding, Powerplaying, Metagaming, & Retconning

Godmoding is an umbrella term for giving your character an unfair advantage over others by powerplaying, metagaming, or retconning.

We do not want to see any Godmoding on site at all in any of our RP forms. This is not allowed on Infidelis as it gives characters an unfair advantage over other characters. Players whose characters are found to be doing either of these may result in a strike! Here’s a simple rundown:

  • Godmoding: Creating a perfect or invincible character that lacks flaws or weaknesses.
  • Powerplaying: Controlling another roleplayer’s character without permission. This includes dictating the damage your character has inflicted upon another in fight roleplay.
  • Metagaming: Using Out-of-Character knowledge in your character’s roleplayed actions, behaviors, or thoughts.
  • Retconning: Erasing or altering past events for your character’s benefit.

For more information, we recommend reading Bad RP by ForumRoleplay.


Our High Rank holders are expected to post once every two weeks at minimum. High Rank holders found posting less than this or inconsistently will receive a warning and be given a chance to correct their activity. If their activity does not improve, their character will be removed from their High Rank position, and if the player is unwilling to cooperate in plotting out why their character was removed from their rank, Gang Leadership is allowed to make up a reason and assume it canon.

We expect High Rank holders to go above and beyond in the roleplay. Your High Rank characters need to set an example for others and we expect you to do that by posting consistently, being involved in gang events and sitewide plots, and plotting with members (both new and old). Should we see a High Rank holder only doing the minimum over a stretch of a few months, we may consider revoking their High Rank position in favor of a member who’ll be more involved. High Rank Holders may be asked to do additional tasks like write up prompts or tasks their characters would dish out or help with the Sitewide Plot events!


See "Activity Checks & Account Deactivation" section in Procedures

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