Super Secret Cheat Sheet

A while back, a member made something of a “cheat sheet” to make her time easier on Infidelis. There’s a lot to remember and this helped her a ton, and she extended its usage to all of you. So, we decided to make it official! Keep reading for Taya’s Cheat Sheet!

How Do I Create a Thread?
  1. Check out Komorrah's Territories & Map page and decide where your character ought to be. The territories are broken up into three sections: districts, turfs, and places.
    • Turfs identify which gang owns the subsequent districts and places.
    • Districts are capitalized and are used in threads to easily identify which region the thread's taking place in.
    • Places are in italics inside of a dark box, and should be mentioned in the thread's subtitle to identify where exactly the thread is taking place.
  2. Skim over the boards' descriptions to see where you should post your thread.
    For Example: if you want your character to be in the Labyrinth, you'd locate the board that mentions Kessir District: The City.
  3. Click "Create Thread" and give your new thread a title
  4. Fill in the information for the subtitle: thread status (open / private), who can join, the date and time, and the location.
    • Who do you want to join your thread? If you have a specific person in mind, mark the thread as Private with the proper icon and list the character's name in the subtitle; if you don't have anyone in mind, simply put "Open" in the subtitle and mark the thread with the proper icon to let others know that anyone can join. If you only want a certain gang to join, list something like "Open to Dodgers" (replacing "Dodgers" with your chosen gang or group)
    • When do you want the thread to occur? Don't forget to check the Timeline to see which days make sense for your character and to find what the weather is like at the time of your thread!
    • Where do you want your thread to take place? You can include the district, too, but not necessary if you're being more specific with listing a place!
  5. Type up your post (it's safer to do so in a Google / OneDrive Document or a Word-Processor so you have no chance of losing your post!); don't forget to tag your thread partner, if you have one!

What's A Good Title?
  • A 3-4 word summary of the starter
  • A brief line of song lyrics
  • A description of the plot (for planned threads)

How Do I Get People to RP with Me?
  • Create an open thread.
  • Create a Plotter for your character(s) or engage with other members' Plotters in the Classifieds.
  • Send someone a private message asking if they want to roleplay with you. Remember not to spam or pressure others into roleplaying with you. It's possible someone is too busy with other threads or they can't see the characters ever interacting naturally.
  • Hop into our Discord Server and tag @everyone in the #plotting channel and ask if anyone wants to have a thread with you. Tagging is essential for maximum exposure to your request.
  • Check out the Open Threads List for a thread you can hop into right away.

What Do I Do With a Finished Thread?
  1. Submit it to Timeline Thread Maintenance to add it to the Timeline.
  2. Check if your thread earned you any bonus Kibble by checking this page and then claiming it at the Kibble (And Prize) Claim.
  3. Check if you can submit your thread for any Junk Drawer Collectibles. If so, don't forget to claim them in the Kibble (And Prize) Claim.
  4. If it features your character doing their job, training another, or practicing a skill AND you've posted five times in the thread, submit it for Skill Points in Gang Maintenance.

What Should I do if my Unfinished Thread is Archived?
  1. If you want to continue it, ask your thread partner if they want to, too.
  2. If so, ask for the thread to be revived in Timeline Thread Maintenance.
    • If not, leave it where it lies.
  3. If the thread featured your character doing their job, training another, or practicing a skill AND you posted five times in the thread, submit it for Skill Points in Gang Maintenance.

What Should I Do if My RP Partner is Inactive?
  • When your roleplay partner gets deactivated, all threads with them will be locked and archived. Don't worry, it's not on you.
  • Upon your threads with them being archived, do what you can to help the Staff. Add your now inactive threads to Timeline Thread Maintenance if it's late enough in the thread where you can offer a decent description for them.
  • If you're concerned for your RP partner, you might try to reach out and ask if everything's ok with them. Remember not to spam or harass them! It's possibly they are busy with life or have left the site and no longer what to communicate with other members. Respect that.
  • If your roleplay partner's active status is restored, refer to "WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY INCOMPLETE THREAD IS ARCHIVED?"
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