Dodgers Information

The Dodgers are a close knit group of canines that live in the alleys of the city of Komorrah, mostly in and around condemned apartment blocks and abandoned buildings. They consider family and blood ties to be very important and it is well expected for these dogs to stay together throughout their entire life. Many of the pups raised in the pack call their beloved elders 'grandma' or 'auntie' and such things even if they are not biologically related at all. It is how they live. They are all connected at the heart-much like the web of pathways that they reside in.



  • SOFTHEARTED: Known for their willingness to take in the needy, the Dodgers may seem like the gullible type, but they are far from that. Just because they are willing to take in someone in need doesn't mean that someone is trusted right away. These alley dwellers are often wary of strangers, dogs and human alike. Perhaps it is because of the nature of the city that they nurse a grudge against an unfamiliar face.
  • NAVIGATORS: Learned from a lifetime of weaving between alleys and corridors, multi-generational Dodgers have incredible mental compassing and can find their way back to a spot miles from where they started, even if they've only visited it once or twice.
  • SPEEDY: Dodgers learn to be swift and fast at a young age. Pups practice racing between alleys from the time that they leave their mother's side. It's a trait that lies in all of the dogs somewhere, but is trained into their physical bodies by way of necessity.
  • LAW-ABIDING: The Dodgers believe that spilling blood is a great disrespect. Due to this, they try to be peaceful and resolve in-gang conflicts as often as possible. They ensure that all dogs follow the rules, no matter if they were born in the gang or not.

dirtpaws & spies

The Dodgers are the only gang in the city to practice map-making. The dogs of this rank are named Dirtpaws. They stay in the Chapel for the most part guarding the maps that they have created in the dirt floors using their paws and claws. They can lay out a plan of an area that they explored in no time flat.The Dirtpaws are also in charge of helping teach potential Walkers the skill so that that they might draw out where that have scouted if need be.

All gangs might have a set of mothers that look after pups, but it is a Dodger habit to call them Housemothers for the empty houses in the alleys where brats are reared.


Dodger pups will often be seen playing a popular game called Catcher-Dodger. A number of pups will be divided into two teams.

An object or location will be chosen as a 'pound' and the other a 'safe zone'. An object or two or three will be placed somewhere in between, usually a ball or toy, and the two groups are made to scatter themselves around the area until a chosen pup finishes counting and yells 'go'. The goal for the Catchers is to catch as many Dodgers as they can and send them to the pound, where they will be guarded by a chosen member of the game.

If an imprisoned Dodger is 'tagged' by their own teammate without the guarding Catcher touching them, then the tagged Dodger can run free and continue helping. If a guarding Catcher is tagged by his own teammate, then he and the free teammate will switch places.

The goal for the Catchers is to stop the Dodgers from retrieving the chosen toy and taking it back to the safe place. There are no guards on the Dodgers' end of the goal. If all Dodgers are taken to the pound, then the Catchers win. If all of the toys are taken to the safe zone, then the Dodgers win.


Growing Up

When Brats are old enough to graduate, it is up to their Denmothers to ensure that they're ready. Denmothers will test the Brat in various ways -- usually testing their ability to follow instructions, to absorb information, and their overall obedience. Not every pup will pass with perfect proficiency, but the ability to learn and listen is key.

Once a Denmother has tested a pup and she is happy with the results, she then meets with the Boss or Vice to let them know that said Brat is ready for the next level in their training. The Boss or Vice may ask a few questions regarding the Brat's test results, and will make a decision based on what they hear.

While more of a private ceremony, the Denmother will then share the news with the Brat and their family. Sometimes Denmothers bring a small gift for the graduating pup to show how proud they are!

Graduation Ceremony

When a Tailer reaches one year, they will be eligible to graduate into the job ranks. In order to test their proficiency and training, a Boss will hold a ceremony for these Tailers and ask them for perform a task in front of their gang to show what they've learned.

A Tailer training for the Security Job might spar with a dog of their choice or a Tailer training for the Health Job might concoct an herbal remedy or poultice to show off their skill. Tailers should choose a skill that they're good at, but also represents their future job. A dog that has not chosen a job will be asked to demonstrate their best skill and will be placed into a job depending on the outcome.

The point of the task is to show off a Tailer's learned skills. The proficiency that the Tailer shows in their task will determine how skilled they'll be in their job. If they ultimately fail or make a substantial error while doing their task, they may be denied graduation and be forced to train for three more months before they can try again.

Day of Still Blood

Death is viewed as a standstill for the gangs. When a beloved gang member dies, work halts for a day. The pack spends the day mourning the body, resting near it, grooming its fur, telling stories about them, relinquishing in memories past, and just generally being close. When night falls after the Day of Still Blood, the entire gang breaks into a mournful howling that can be heard all around the city and forest beyond. If another gang hears these cries, they, too, may join in until the city is reeling with the sounds of broken hearts coming together.

Leader Policies


With two months of Vice experience behind him, Chase is still very new to the position of the Boss. He has grown familiar with the authority that he carries and has learned to be assertive. Although he is uncertain that his choices are always the right ones, he strives to do his very best for his gang. He is open to negotiation and loves to discuss the changes that the gang want from him, but he isn’t easily pushed around. His morals are strong and so is his resolve to lead the Dodgers into better times. He takes the examples of the Bosses of the past to see what works and what doesn’t, however, everyday is an experiment for him. Chase is a very strict Law follower, and any break in the law will be punished. It has been used for generations before and it’s rules are etched into his memory. He doesn’t just want to follow the well-worn path, he wants to make sure that make sure that his gang is fed and happy.

He is very territorial and possessive over the Dodger land and encourages his gang to avoid trespassing. Trespassers must brave the fierceness of his walkers before he will bring it on himself to deal with the matter. If gang dogs are trespassing consistently, it is very possible that he would allow the walkers to seriously harm them as a warning to the rest of their gang. He wants to set clear boundaries with the gangs, to let them know that the Dodgers are strong and won’t be pushed around.

He isn’t as willing to accept newcomers as Banna was. He is nervous to let anyone into the gang, as he knows that they could do a lot of harm. He doesn’t allow that fear control him so instead, he just raises his expectations and expects all newcomers to be of a particular standard or be willing to become better. He is sure to spend a considerable time around them after accepting them, or asking his vice too, so that he can make sure he has made the right choice and guide them through their new way of life.

He is open to allies as Tobi was but wouldn’t tolerate anyone trying to push him around. He wants the Dodger’s to be able to stand on their own feet without any help, but he is not blind to the problems that arise when a gang is isolated. He isn’t going to allow anyone to be the Dodger’s ally and would take a lot of time and input from other for him to decide to approach another gang. He doesn’t want to be dependant on another gang, he would want to use them to improve his own gang.

Past & Present Ranks

  • Tobi (Killed)
  • Banna (captured by the Bad Place)
  • Chase

  • Bones
  • Gemini (captured by the Bad Place)
  • Chase (promoted to Boss)
  • Nikolai

  • Kodiak
  • Nikolai (promoted to Vice)
  • None!

  • Anubis
  • Spider

  • Canula (captured by the Bad Place)
  • None!

  • Selene
  • Youri (captured by the Bad Place)
  • None!
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