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Adelaide Rhea Cheyenne Annika
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Boss (1)

The Boss is the leader of the gang, the head honcho. The Boss has the first and final say in all matters, paws down. Traits that make a good boss may include physical ones such as strength or fighting skill, or intellectual ones such as cleverness or courage. The dog in this rank has earned their way to the top by fighting or proving themselves as an asset to the gang. No dog becomes a Boss by inheritance, and no pup of a Boss should expect special treatment for his blood.

The Dodger Boss is not a figurehead. He or she is a full member of the gang and should act as such. He or she will patrol and hunt with their gang, and work just as hard as the rest of them.

Vice (1)

The Vice's duties are providing advice to the Boss as well as protect him or her from possible danger. The Vice is often strong as well as clever, due to needing knowledge and guardianship. The Vice helps organize the day's events, and assigns tasks to each tier's lieutenants for that day's tasks. A Vice's word can only be surpassed by the Boss. They are hand-picked by the Boss, and work hard to get and maintain their position.


Lieutenants (1 per job)

The Lieutenants, going by many different names, are the Heads of each job. They organize the patrols, the raids, and the tasks of each job tier. There is one Lieutenant for each job, and they should be respected and all dogs should follow their orders. A dog that fails to listen to their Lieutenant can face punishment by the Boss.

While the Lieutenants have the duty of organizing job tasks, they also participate in them as well. They still need to participate in their job, but they are the ones who call the shots. Dogs in this rank should be practical, logical, and possess a few skills in their tier.

Entertainers (5)

The Entertainer is expected to both entertain pups and keep legends and culture alive within their gang, and may even share stories with other gangs. Those who hold this rank are usually a colorful bunch, able to tell a dramatic story to keep their listeners on edge and enthralled.

The entertainers are responsible for getting together and planning out plays and skits, and may even sometimes pull dogs from other jobs in to help with the theatrics if they feel it necessary. You'll sometimes even find that they've gathered a bunch of gang puppies together for a Brats' recital!

Security (∞)

Lookouts/Scouts/Guardians patrol the territory making sure that no one trespasses in the Dodgers' corner of the city and no threats have reached the pack's living place. Most dogs deployed for the day will be assigned certain parts of the territory to patrol, while some will be assigned to stick by the gang's general living area to guard it from threats.

On certain occasions, these dogs will also escort Healers on missions to gather new herbs from the lands beyond the city. Healers are valuable, and no one wishes to see them kidnapped or hurt by another gang while out foraging.

Resourcing (∞)

Those of the Resourcing ranks are considered the providers of the pack. They scavenge and steal food, medical supplies, and anything else that might be beneficial for the Dodgers. Their job is very important to the gang's survival and should never be overlooked! They must be very clever, sneaky, and quick because some things are hard to get! The Scrapers' job is considered to be very dangerous because they'll often be around humans or other dogs who want to steal their goods. Generally, these dogs should be quick and stealthy, but also able to fight and hold their ground should they need to defend their findings.

Health (∞)

Those of the Health rank are valuable assets to the gang. They have a vast knowledge of herbs and medicine, and are very dexterous. Many of the skilled legendary dogs of this rank had a trait that made them stand out, one that is viewed as a blessing. A bloodline said to go way back in history details a group of great Healers who had an extra toe or two on each paw. Not all Healers have this blood within them, but when a pup is born with the trait, he or she will always become a Healer. This can be viewed by others as a superstition. All dogs with the polydactyly trait (extra toes) are considered to be related are never allowed to mate with each other under any circumstances.

Health-Ranked dogs have a vast knowledge of plants and cultivate some humans' gardens in secret. Humans think that their gardens benefit from Komorrah's nice climate, but it's really these dogs' work.

Additionally, Health-%Ranked have the choice of going into battle or staying in camp during times of war. This choice is to be respected either way, but all Healers will learn to fight.

Information (∞)

These dogs are the mapmakers of the pack, often affectionately nicknamed 'Dirtpaws' for their stained feet. These dogs are sharp-witted, intelligent creatures with amazing memories. They're very quick with their paws.

General Popluation

Recruits (∞)

The Recruit rank is for adult dogs who join one of the gangs in-character. Because they are brand new to that gang’s culture, they start in this rank so that they can start becoming familiar with gang life. Recruits choose a job and begin training for it with that job’s Lieutenant (or Enforcer). Once the dog’s Lieutenant (or Enforcer) believes the dog is ready to work for real, he or she will be promoted.

  • Be a member of the gang for at least one in-game month
  • Have made 15 in-character posts

Denmothers / Denfathers (∞)

House Mothers are the nannies of the gang. They are females (and sometimes males) that have given their lives to raising young. They care for the gang's brats and raise them, teaching them manners and basic skills. A dog who is nursing a litter is also called a Denmother during that time. If she wishes, she may give up the name when her Patsies are old enough to become Tailers and return to her previous job.

Elders (!)

The Elders are the retired dogs of the gang. They are not required to do any work because they've filled their purpose working their entire lives, and may now rest. The gang cares for them as honored dogs. However, even with the perks of promised rest and relaxation, a dog is not required to retire. He or she can continue working for as long as they are able, but is encouraged to work by his or her own limits.


Tailers (∞)

Once a Brat turns 4 months old, they are promoted to the Tailer, or apprentice, rank. In this rank, Tailers acquire a Mentor and train for their aspiring job, but will get a sampling of all jobs before they graduate. Mentors assign their Tailers tasks in which they must complete, or face appropriate punishment. Mentors are to be considered a Tailer's boss and should be treated with respect. Tailers are no longer considered brats and cannot eat first like a brat.

Typically, Tailers will graduate once they reach 1 year, or 12 months of age, but may not if their Mentor believes they are not ready. A Mentor may postpone the graduation for as long as they see fit.

  • Learn a new skill, whether its for your future job or survival
  • Learn about two different jobs from two different dogs (this should be done in two threads)

Brats (!)

Brats, or puppies, are the little guys who haven't received a mentor yet. The Law of the Packs states that pups are never to be injured or killed, even in a takeover and that pups must eat before the pack.

However, this doesn't change the rule that pups are not allowed out of the territory unless given direct permission from the Boss(es). The city streets are too dangerous to let the pups roam alone. Not to mention the fact that every dog knows that pups are efficient trouble makers.

Brats are promoted to Tailers at 4 months old.

(#): A number inside means that there are a limited number of available slots for this rank.
(!): An exclamation point means that this rank requires special circumstances or characteristics to obtain it.
(∞): An infinity symbol means that there are an unlimited number of available ranks or jobs in this tier. Choose the one that best fits you!
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