Board Features

There are a few board features on IF that may make your roleplaying experience a little better while you’re here playing with us! This guide offers a bit of information on each of them and how to use them to your advantage. Some of these features we consider “mandatory”, while others are there to offer a way to make tracking threads easier, for example, or finding open threads easier. Please read below and ask a staff member if you have any questions!


This is one of our features that we recommend all players do because it makes switching between your OOC account and character accounts really effortless, and it’s definitely useful when you’ve got multiple characters onboard.

New players are required to create an Player Account first, followed by an account for each additional character. Generally, you’d create your first account, which will be your Player Account, and create additional accounts from the Account Switch page (the people icon found in the bottom, right corner). Creating accounts from that page will automatically link them for you.

Note: Whether you’re logged in or out, if you’re using the same email address for all of your accounts, Proboards’ system will already link them for you. You need only to use the Account Switch page (the people icon) to effortlessly switch between your accounts.

For more help linking accounts created on different email addresses, please see this Proboards Support Article.


Another cool feature is Bookmarks, which allow you to see a list of your currently bookmarked threads, who replied to them last, and which you need to reply to. They’re also great because they show a little notification up at the top when someone replies, so if someone forgets to tag you, you’ll still know they replied. This is a similar feature to Jcink’s Subscribed Threads.

To bookmark a thread, you simply go to the thread, click the Actions dropdown, and click Bookmark. You’ll see a book icon appear in the top, left corner of the thread, which signifies that the thread has now been bookmarked. You’ll also find a new link on the Navigation called “Bookmarks”.

If you click the Bookmarks link, it’ll bring you to a list of all your currently bookmarked threads. You’ll have to manually add all your threads to your bookmarks, but it’s definitely worth it!

There are a few cons to using Bookmarks instead of a Thread Tracker, which are that you cannot view other characters’ bookmarks from other accounts unless you bookmark their threads on that account. If you prefer to lurk from your ooc account, you’d either need to bookmark all your character threads there or make a thread tracker in your Personal Board to track other characters’ replies.

In Character (IC) From the perspective of your character.
Out of Character (OOC) From the perspective of you, the player.
Canon This counts as "real" in the roleplay.
Non-Canon Or 'off the record.' This isn't counted as "real" in the roleplay.
Gangs This is what we call our dog packs on Infidelis.
Spin-off Threads Threads that feature sitewide plot events or settings in them. Permission is not needed to create these threads!

Closed / Private This icon means the thread is closed or private, intended only for the character(s) listed.
Open This icon means the thread is open. How many characters may participate is usually mentioned in the out-of-character text!
Sitewide Plot Thread Use this icon when you're starting a sitewide plot thread. This differentiates plot threads from regular threads, and helps all of us keep up-to-speed with them easier!
Joining Use this icon when your character is joining a gang in-character. This icon notifies the leaders of that gang that your thread needs their presence!
[DNA] Do Not Archive This tag extends the life of your slow-moving thread a little longer. Threads with this tag will be archived after 3 months without a new reply.


Infidelis runs on liquid time and uses a Timeline to track threads and storylines, which is updated manually. It lists an accurate record of the month’s weather, sitewide events, and each of our character’s location and times in a chronological order.

The Timeline’s purpose is to ensure that there is an order to all threads created on Infidelis. Even though we’re fluid time, actions have consequences that affect other things later on. Alternatively, if your character has a thread on the 5th and another one on the 10th, they shouldn’t know something they’ve learned on the 10th in their thread on the 5th. Be careful with your timeline of events! This is considered metagaming, even if it’s just an error.

A Canine Chronicle will announce when the month changes, and in turn, introduce the new chapter of the Sitewide Plot along with it! We try to aim for each month to last no more than 6 weeks at a time, but the length of the month is often dictated by how quickly the Sitewide Plot Chapter progresses, so sometimes it’s longer! Please don’t thread in future, unreleased months before they come out! This has the potential to conflict with important, future events, which we’d prefer to avoid!

We encourage players to keep moving forward instead of lingering on past months. It is okay to post a thread or two in the previous month, but we prefer for new characters to be introduced in the current time frame!

When threads are finished, members are expected to submit them to Timeline Thread Maintenance. There, players provide information like the description, link, participants, and date / time of the threads ready to be added to the timeline.

Check the FAQ for questions about the Timeline!


The Canine Chronicle is our newspaper. It comes out once a month on or a little after the 5th and is one of the ways we post our site news and announce the monthly Spotlights and Top Posters. It’s super important for everyone to pay attention to the Canine Chronicles because they announce new months, new plot chapters, and new updates!

You can always find the newest Canine Chronicle by following the ‘latest Canine Chronicle’ button on our Welcome Table and all the other old ones in the News Board. We encourage newer members to read up on older Chronicles for a bit of insight on things; they may even answer some of your questions!


Found in the bottom, left hand corner, there's a piggy bank icon. Using our bank feature can help you save up Kibble (and collect interest!) for that Barc Shop item you really want! The interest rate is 1%, which might not sound like a lot, but it adds up if every week. The more money you have in the bank, the better the interest you get back!

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