Fun & Games

Player Ranks

Player Ranks are a fun little way players earn perks and permissions around the site. It’s somewhat optional - meaning you don’t really have to worry about ranking up if it’s not your thing, but you will still rank up anyway if you’re posting and participating. It’s ultimately up to you whether you want to work towards climbing the ranks for free prizes and board privileges or roleplay at your own leisure. Most of the prizes and perks can be found in the Barc Shop available for purchase with Kibble. Read more about it here!

Prompt Pup

Prompt Pup is a fun, random prompt "generator" usually written in Second POV to give you a more immersed feel. Prompt Pup threads will usually set the scene, give you a goal, and allow you and your roleplay partners to figure out the rest. PP prompts pop up at random around the board sometimes and are completely optional to partake in! You may be tagged, but you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. If you do, however, you may receive a Kibble prize!

Prompt Pup can also be requested to play an NPC in a thread or hop into an already existing thread to make things interesting! If you want Prompt Pup to crash the party or play a part, request it in General Maintenance!

The Junk Drawer

The Junk Drawer is an achievement system with icons that are "collected" through creating threads, reaching milestones, and putting your character(s) through certain situations! You can find the Junk Drawer Template & Board to post it in here!

To collect the junk, you need to first have the thread meeting the criteria you're planning on claiming. Once you have that, post to Kibble (And Prize) Claims and claim the Kibble and icon for your collected piece of junk. If you do not need help adding the icon, you can add it yourself. If you do, a staff member will add it for you.

Completing the entire Junk Collection will land you a free art piece of a chosen character!


We run multiple contests around Infidelis, though most of them are introduced through sitewide events. These are a great way for our members to earn Kibble to use in our Barc Shop and win prizes!

Our permanent, or always running, contests are the Top Poster and Monthly Spotlights, though we introduce many other different contests to participate in throughout the year!


Our Spotlights are characters, players, threads, and quotes chosen to represent that month. These items are chosen by members who nominate and vote for them. This is a great chance to give another member or their character some acknowledgement! There is no criteria for being nominated other than being yourself and playing your characters to the best of your ability! You’re required to include a short description of why you choose who you did.

Nominating someone gets you 10 Kibble per category, and the winner of that category gets 100 Kibble! Those who are chosen will be displayed in our header for all to see! Their winning account will also receive a golden name for the month to show off their achievement!

Spotlight votes can be submitted at any time after the previous month's nominations have been chosen. All nominations are due by the 5th of the next month.

  • Player
  • Duo (friends, enemies, lovers, etc.)
  • Scariest
  • Funniest
  • Most Unique
  • Thread
  • Quote

Top Poster

Every month while we do the activity check, we're also tallying up posts for something fun -- the Top Poster! The character with the most posts for that month wins -- along with it's two runner ups as well! The Top Poster wins 250 Kibble and gets their Player Account turned a bright, golden color for the month.

We understand how much effort our players put into their posting, and we also reward the two runner-ups with Kibble prizes as well. Second Place earns 100 Kibble and Third Place earns 50 Kibble just for being awesome!

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