In short, job ranks are a way to show in character development and progression. Climbing the ranks helps you develop your character over time, and may eventually lead to them earning a Special Job or High Rank.

Each level requires different tasks of your character based on the skills they’re expected to have at that point. A Level 1 ranked dog will have easy jobs, but be expected to work more, while a dog at a Level 2 rank will have less tasks, but ones that require more skill.

Characters that do their jobs often, dedicate their time to improving their skills, and offer training to others are seen as contributing to a gang’s cause and will stand out more than another who doesn’t do these things.

Recruits, Denmothers, Omegas, and Special Ranks do not climb the rank ladder in the same way. Recruits and Omegas (if applicable to your gang) have their own special criteria, while Denmothers, Elders, and Special Ranks are ‘special’ jobs or ranks that do not allow any further promotion. Additionally, Tailers and Brats have their own criteria to fill, and will not be able to climb ranks the same way until they reach adult age, which then they will pick a job and start the rat race!

Level 1 Ranks

A dog at this level performs simple tasks for their job. These dogs don’t often participate in advanced raids or patrols, but instead focus on learning job skills and learning what their gang finds the most valuable. Dogs in these lower ranks are just starting out and often have little skill in their job tier. These dogs aren’t yet trusted with big tasks or missions because they don’t have the experience under their belts yet. This is the rank that all new characters start out at, regardless of experience.

Level 2 Ranks

Dogs in this level are more established and considered to be trusted and responsible. They’re trusted enough to help out with bigger missions and more intricate tasks. These dogs are given more freedom to choose what they want to do when going out to do their jobs. Sometimes they are even chosen to lead a patrol or raid.

At this point, these dogs will have honed at least one specialized skill, such as speed, stealth, opening doors, puppy dog eyes, or other useful things. They are sometimes assigned to a mission based on this special skill.

Dogs in this level can be considered for Special Jobs, such as Hitter, Snitch, Fool, Entertainer, etc. if they show interest and potential in it.

Level 3 Ranks

Dogs in the third level are usually highly skilled and highly respected. It’s every dog’s dream to get to this level, even if High Ranks seem to be out of their grasp. Dogs at this level are the ones to go to when planning and leading large-scale jobs, and will often lead large raid or patrol groups. These dogs are called forth during turf wars and border scuffles as they are considered the most skilled and most experienced in all aspects.

Dogs at this level can be considered for a promotion if the Lieutenant rank for their job tier is vacant. See 'Promotions & Requirements' below for more information!

Submitting Promotion Threads

Respect & Favor (IC)

In-character actions are important when trying to get your character promoted! A character who is often rude to the Boss or misses meetings may be looked over for a more trustworthy and respectful character of the gang for a promotion. In-character consequences play a huge part in how your character is viewed in their gang.

A character might be considered FAVORABLE if they:

  • attend all mandatory (and non-mandatory) meetings
  • show proper respect to all high-ranking characters
  • finish their job tasks (multiple active threads featuring this is a plus!)
  • teach others new job-related skills
  • train in new skills to improve themselves and their job performance
  • teach youngsters useful skills
  • participate in gang activities (traditional games, events, ceremonies, etc.)
  • build relationships with fellow gang members
  • become mated to another gang member

A character might be considered UNFAVORABLE if they:

  • are rude or insubordinate towards their superiors
  • break gang law more than once
  • frequently trespass into other gang territories (without being careful about it!)
  • miss important meetings, events, ceremonies, or social calls
  • disregard the gang's cultural norms

Just like your character can get promoted, they can also get demoted for becoming unfavorable in the eyes of their superiors! While it’s true that what their superiors don’t know won't hurt them... the truth always comes out somehow. Additionally, high-ranking characters can get demoted if their player has been failing to stay active on a consistent basis.

Submission Criteria

When submitting your task threads, please make sure they meet the following criteria:

  • The thread must focus on the task at hand and your character has to be actively doing the task throughout the thread! You cannot feature the task in the first post and ignore it for the rest of the thread!
  • If incomplete, threads must have at least reached their goal
    Example: a raid thread must have gotten to the part where dogs have begun to steal items
  • If a thread is incomplete and archived early, it must be the fault of your RP partner
  • Character(s) submitting the thread must have made at least five posts in it
    • Group threads may be used, however, the above criteria must be met!

Promotion Ladder & Requirements

Characters who climb the ranks will eventually reach the top if determined enough; once they reach the third rank of their Job, they will be eligible for a promotion. We choose High Rank promotions based on who we think is the best fit (both in character and out of character). We look at activity, consistency, responsibility, and whether your character would be a good fit for the position itself. We also take into account how favored they are in their gang. The best character for the job is chosen.

If the Boss rank becomes vacant, the Vice is promoted, and in turn, one Lieutenant (or Enforcer) is chosen to fill the Vice rank. If at the time, there’s an eligible character in the third level of their job, they will be promoted to the open Lieutenant (or Enforcer) position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can submit threads for promotions?
A: Only characters in the job tiers above General Population may submit promotion threads to climb the ranks. You can find the General Population category in the Rank Tables (see your gang page for these!).

Q: Can characters in the third rank tier perform tasks from the second or first rank tiers and still be able to submit them for a promotion?
A: Unless there are no first 1 or second ranked characters underneath your character's job tier, then yes. Though we discourage players from having their higher-ranked character performing lower-ranked jobs if there are other characters in the tiers that can realistically do the work.

If say your character is at the second rank in their job and wants to perform a lower job rank task, they technically can because they've been through that rank, done the tasks, and learned, but if your character is there doing the lower ranks' jobs, who's going to do their neglected rank tasks?

Have some more questions? Be sure to ask them in Help or the #help channel on Discord!

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