Komorrah's Territories & Map

Neutral Turf

Teirno District

Teirno District

Teirno District is an industrial area used for construction, production, and shipyard work. It is a maze of factories, refineries, noise, and metal, and offers few opportunities for the dogs themselves. There is no food here unless a dog finds its way into one of the factory fortresses without getting hurt or locked inside. Even then, it's a long, loud walk to civilization again. The air looms heavily over this district and is often contaminated with strange, stinky smells of cars, rot, or smoke. Unfortunately, this industrial district connects to two bodies of water: the River Beyond and the Berwick Bay, leaving pollution in its wake. Some suspect the factory's presence along the river's edge has poisoned the water...

Tudors Row

Tudors Row is a cluster of factories that produce life's essentials like clothing, packaging, furniture, and many other materialistic things. The air in this part of Teirno always smells strange - like odd chemicals with unique scent undertones. Most animals don't care for these smells and stay away from this area... though, if one can sneak into one of these factories, they could probably reap the rewards produced inside. What would a dog want with furniture you might ask? Well, not the furniture, but perhaps the stuff it’s made from - cloth, pillows, stuffing.

These factories could be a dog's dream... or a dog's nightmare. It all depends on how you look at it.

Murray Hill

Bordering northern Kessir, Murray Hill is the 'cleaner' part of Teirno with its simple, yet long sidewalk-lined blocks, large parking lots, and tall office buildings with architecture that makes one question whether they're in the future or the present. Tall buildings with large glass windows are a common sight in this area. The air smells cleaner here, but one would question why a dog would come to an area chock full of office buildings, laboratories, research centers, and vet offices for humans.

What does Murray Hill have to offer the dogs? Unfortunately, not much aside from a lucky dumpster dive. The people here seem less tolerant of the stray community, and either chase them off or are quick to call animal control on a belligerent dog.

Twin Bridges

Twin Bridges, also known as the Meatpacking District, is the farthest part of Teirno, bordering the edge of the cliffs and the river. After crossing over two small bridges, you arrive in this area. There are quite a few factories and slaughter houses dedicated to slaughtering, processing, and producing the meat Komorrah consumes everyday.

The air in this area always smells like blood, death, and smoke. Troublesome strays have been known to disappear in this area, so dogs are warned against making a scene and advised to lay low.

The area these factories keep screams old machinery with many abandoned factories and old architecture, long stained from the hanging black smoke in the air. Graffiti adorns many of the old brick walls here, though as for humans in the area, there are only the few that cross through here on their way to their priorities or those who are already at work. Dogs who dare come to this area best have a plan, stay out of sight, and hide away until it's time to steal away into one of these delicious places.

Bay's Thicket

Bay's Thicket

Bay's Thicket, situated on a cliff right above the end of the beach, is a small copse of trees and vegetation. The trees here are tough and dry, not nearly as lush as those of the state park. They provide decent shelter from the elements, but their brittleness makes it hard to sneak through the thicket. Bay's Thicket is small, but a hungry dog may be able to catch some lunch here in the form of a rodent, squirrel, or bird.

Some herbs can also be found here, hidden along the ground and at the base of some of the trees. It is a good place to plant hardy things that need more shade than sun.

Gambler's Greenhouse

Tucked away in the overgrowth of Bay's Thicket lies a little shack, completely overtaken by plant life. The family that once owned it left this little shack to rot many, many years, letting the already wild plants surrounding it take over. And take over the did, for they nearly swallowed the structure whole under their green cloak!

Rich with untouched soil, the greenhouse sports several herb species in the warmer months, often hidden among the wreckage and the many poisonous plants that grow around the shack. The poisonous plants can easily be mistaken for common medicinal herbs, though an experienced Healer will know better.

Despite its haunting, mystical beauty, it's easily a dangerous place. Several flowers blossom around the greenhouse, permeating a lulling, sweet scent. Prey who have fallen victim to eating one of the sweet, yet poisonous flowers litter the ground - don't dare eat those victims, though! The poison lingers in their guts, penetrating the rest of the corpse as it lies dormant, decomposing in the sun.

River District

River District

There are several abandoned buildings along the northern side of the River District, likely due to all the violence, robbery, and crime in Sparrow. The most prominant of these rotting structures is the abandoned Orpheum Theatre. Once it sat tall and many humans flooded its doors to see the beautiful architecture within, but now it sits dark and rotting, crumbling away bit by bit like many of the other stores, gas stations, and warehouses left unwanted.

The few businesses that do stand here are located near the Grocery Store in the southernmost part of town. Surrounding the Grocery Store are small shops selling discounted clothing, household items, and bootlegged movies.

Sunset Playground (Pups' Park)

Sunset Playground is more formally known to local dogs as Pups' Park because when the park isn't filled with screaming and laughing little human children, who comes to play at the park? Stray pups! Brightly colored plastic ornaments - consisting of slides, stairs, and tubes - provide suitable entertainment for bored pups looking for an adventure. The playground is located just outside of a family-oriented suburban neighborhood, attached to a large grassy field that is often used by humans and dogs alike.

Boudreaux District

Boudreaux District

Waterstone is a large wooded park with an amusement park and zoo within the vicinity. The park itself is huge, boasting winding paths through acres of trees that humans run, bike, or skate down, sometimes with their pets. Paths wind through much of the forest, but there are parts that are so dense only the local wildlife seems to be able to navigate it. Hungry dogs seeking refuge here can make meals of out squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese, and the occasional wandering deer - if they are skilled enough.

Outside the dense woodlands sit a hokey little amusement park and a newly built zoo. The amusement park is full of rundown attractions that look like they will fall apart any moment. Despite this, whenever it is open, humans and their children flood the place. There are multiple concession stands here as well as overflowing garbage cans when the theme park is open.

Market Street

West of Waterstone, a straight, long street with stores lined up on either side. There are a lot of cars that pass through here as are people. The sidewalks are always clogged with humans and their children, many bags hanging from their arms both paper and plastic. While there are dangers here, the trash cans are always easily accessible and overflowing with half-eaten food in easily tearable containers. If a dog can successfully weave without causing much chaos, a dog can eat well here.

East Hawthorne

This area is located on the cliffs just above the cove. There's a really nice view of the cove below from the "edge" of town. In this quiet little area of the city located in the far corner of the Boudreaux District, there are mostly small, yet quirky apartment buildings, a small ice cream shop, an old clock tower, and a rather large veterinarian office, where a certain friendly drug-peddling three-legged cat lives. This part of town is quiet on most days; the people that live here seem to just like to relax. There aren't many special ways to obtain food here outside of the run-of-the-mill garbage can or dumpster raids or charming a human out of their lunch. That doesn't mean a dog can't get creative though...

Palestone Manor

Palestone Manor, named by the dogs for the color and build of the massive building, has been long absent of human activity for the better part of the last decade, not that the local strays are sure why. Surrounded by a large expanse of wooded greenery, the manor sits atop the cliffs in East Hawthorne overlooking the shore as the last of it's sad structure begins to sag with time. It stands back from the road, a long graveled driveway leading to the front entrance flanked on both sides by trees heavy with unkempt branches and grass as high as a man's hip. In the rear of the property stand a few nut trees, still producing; these attract squirrels and birds, which may distract them for a crafty dog to hunt.

Many windows are shattered, jammed open, or sealed up with boards; the doors leading in from outside have rotted at their corners, allowing access for dogs of most sizes. There are too many rooms to count inside, and a lot of the furniture is missing, but even in rooms without chairs, beds, or anything resembling a cozy place to sleep, the manor house offers perfect shelter from the elements. Mice can be heard scurrying around in the walls, and birds often make their nests on outer windowsills and under patio eaves. One would say it was an eyesore if anyone could actually see it looming in the distance but the captains of boats.

Dodger Turf

Kessir District

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth, a stone-walled maze very different from the rest of the city is where the Dodgers live, sleep, eat, and play. Adjacent to the walls are old apartments - most are abandoned, but some are still occupied by longtime residents. The windows are barred and the heavy, wooden doors are old, some hang from their hinges. The inside of these abandoned apartments vary, but most have either stained carpets or rotting wood floors; most windows are broken, cracked, or missing entirely, and many fixtures (chandeliers, cabinets, curtain rods) have come crashing down to the floor from weather and age.

The legend of the Labyrinth states that humans used to walk its streets as a spiritual journey, only ending the journey when they found their way out. It's like that to the Dodgers now as well. Residents know the way of the winding paths, set deep in their ways, but outsiders don't and often get lost and confused by the dead ends.

At the mouth of the Labyrinth sits an abandoned stone church with a large open area with a dirt floor and a large fenced-in courtyard. The inside of the chapel was gutted a long time ago, leaving behind just a large, open, empty space. The older it gets, the more the chapel crumbles. For now, it's only dropped paint chunks from its former years, but bigger pieces might begin detaching during unfriendly weather in the future. The chapel is the central place where Dodger Dirtpaws draw their maps in its dirt floor. The outside courtyard is where Denmothers allow the Brats and Tailers to train and play. The design of the structure and surrounding yard make it a safe environment for puppies and adolescents.

Outside of the Labyrinth, there are luxury high-rise apartment buildings that dot the southern edge of Kessir, both closer to the River District and Sturgeon Bay. The buildings closer to the coast are more prestige and less tolerant of stray dogs.

Little Kiryat

The northeastern part of Kessir is always buzzing with activity. The Mamosa Mall, for one, hosts outdoor events - music, laughter, food, and happiness - during all times of the year. Strays that wind through the crowds and ignore the booming music will find a surplus for scrapped food here. Usually humans are too busy enjoying the festive fun to notice that their kabob sandwich went missing as son as they put it down.

A lot of Little Kiryat is residential homes and apartments. These are not as rundown as those in the Slums, but not as prestige as those found on the other side of town. Amidst the stores and businesses that line the streets, sitting above them or right across the street are middle class apartments. Planted trees line the sidewalks with brightly painted red hydrants - sometimes kids open these on hot summer days to play in the water, other times metal beasts bang into them and force the water onto the streets in winter, soon turning the puddles to slippery black ice. Either way one looks at it, Little Kiryat is a lively place for both human and dog.

Trinity Chapel Catacombs

Tucked away deep beneath the abandoned chapel's cemetery in Kessir lies the city's oldest catacombs. Accessible through a rotting wooden cellar door in the chapel yard, the catacombs are dusty tunnels filled with mold mountains, old bones, and stone boxes. It's dark, dingy, and wet down there from age and weather, and the only life beneath the cold ground is the rodents that live in the darkness. The conditions are not ideal for neither a young pup, an elder dog, or anyone in between.

What business any dog would have down there is beyond imaginative minds; however, the Dodger Tailers use this location as a sort of Rite of Passage and often dare each other to spend a night alone in the catacombs, sleeping among the ancient bones, angry ghosts, and rodents that make their homes there.

The Sandlot

A little ways down the street from the Dodgers' Labyrinth is an adandoned lot. It sits between a pair of squat brick apartment buildings like a gap-tooth... and it's been such an eyesore for so long that humans that pass by this place daily don't even seem to notice it anymore. The grass has grown tall and the bushes have grown thick, hiding the life that slips easily through the cover they provide. It might've been a building at one point, removing from ruin or fire; but now it stands awkwardly and unwanted.

Long ago, human children played daily in the lot, but you will rarely, if ever, see them there now. If you look closely at the dusty ground, you might still find an old baseball or a baseball diamond hidden away. The secluded nature of the place coupled with the soft, sandy earth and tall grass make this the perfect location for Dodger Tailers to train.

Tunshow District

Tunshow District

This small, yet busy little area of Komorrah is packed with large department stores, a movie theater, a supermarket, and a large hospital that overlooks the area surrounding it. Each of these places are tall buildings that cast long shadows over the busy streets surrounding them. There are many main roads criss-crossing this area, honking traffic, and cars zooming by quickly. Tension is high in this part of town and the humans rarely give one glance at a stray on the street - which is both good and bad. They tend to have less patience for the street dogs that share their city.

Luckily, there are numerous subway stations placed strategically throughout with every few blocks having a stairway down to the tunnels below. While it's hot and smells like old engines down there, its a smart way to get around to other parts of the city to avoid human interference. The only thing dogs have to worry about down there are the trains...

On the outskirts of Tunshow, there is a greenhouse to the east where city dogs tend to get their medicinal herbs and a large, ominous graveyard to the south, overlooking the beach.

Pioneer Cemetery

It's located right in the middle of a busy city center, but one would not be able to tell upon entering. The cemetery is surrounded by thick trees that help to muffle the grating sounds of the city. Humans come here to pay their respects to their departed loved ones, and dogs come here to ponder over life. A church joins up with the quiet green yard, giving another purpose to the area. It is in all, a place of quiet reflection.

When entering, you instantly feel as if you need to speak in a hushed tone. The humans of the church are kind to the stray cats in the area just outside of their doors. A crafty dog might be able to scare them away to score a meal of their own...

City Hall Subway Station

Nestled beneath the City Hall in Tunshow is a breath-taking abandoned subway station. The unused City Hall Subway Station boasts large, arched ceilings, chipping beige paint, dust, and an eerie silence when trains aren't passing through. Even though the station itself is abandoned, untouched by humans for about 50 years, subway trains still speed through here.

Further into its tunnels, there was once a large, posh sitting room that overlooked Sturgeon Bay below. However, now its a room with broken glass panels and furniture claimed by the growing vegetation that demands its space back. There are high quality herbs naturally growing here, thriving from the open space and constant sunlight, though fiercely protected by varying poisonous plants.

Healers that can reach this area of town would find a cornucopia of useful herbs... given they can tell the difference between the poisonous ones and the safe ones.

Yardies Turf

Richardson District

Donny's Salvage Scrapyard (defunct)

The Scrapyard, which backs right up to the river that separates the city from the forest, is a huge lot surrounded by massive iron fences. Since the Yardies were chased out with lethal force, Donny's Salvage Scrapyard hasn't been the same. It's an unwelcoming place with loud machinery and bustle happening all day long. The humans that now run the place aren't privvy to strays and aren't against throwing rocks at dogs to get them to run away... though it's not clear why any dog would even try to approach the place after all that's happened. There's no food, no promise of shelter, and their dogs that guard the place at night are large, vicious things that can't be bargained with.

Much of what the Yardies had known of this place was junked, the trash recycled out, sold, and replaced with new, sellable junk. The gates remain closed and locked after business hours, and if one thing is for certain: strays are not welcome here.

Route 56

Route 56 is a sketchy area of town along a sketchy road with a thin, dirty sidewalk. There are often pieces of vehicles and glass left on the sides of the road, left over from accidents, and shady vehicles parked in darkened alleys and lots. Car dealerships, fast food drive-ins, motels, mobile home communities, and used automotive parts dealers line this road. The motels are often frequented by customers who seem to come and go, by women with strong scents and clicky shoes on their feet. The sidewalk is not often used because the cars whizz by so closely, and it is dangerous. Cars often get into accidents on this road, sometimes involving those walking innocently on the sidewalks.


The Southside is a congested and squalid part of town. Low-income housing tenaments, abandoned houses, crime scenes, graffitti'd children's playgrounds, the burnt remains of storefronts that were torched by their bankrupt owners, and cracked sidewalks all make up what the Southside really is. This may be the last place city-dwelling humans want to find themselves. The humans living here are no better than the conditions, either weapon-toting gangsters or cracked-out addicts. Crime is at an all-time high, police sirens shriek all through the night, and the stray dogs that live here are equally as grizzly as their environment.

The one place that makes this area notable, however, is The Bad Place. All dogs, stray or not, know what this place is. It's the end of the line, dog prison, you never get out alive... unless you know how to escape.

In the center of the Southside, under the Interstate 78, lies Squatter's Lane, situated on the dirty banks of the Harlem River and stretching over a good portion beneath the city's major highways. Here, humans live in the same conditions as the dogs do, but some of them aren't against killing a dog for a little food. Smart dogs will stay away from here. One would know they're drawing near to Squatter's Lane by the pungent smell in the air emanating from their camp.

Sparrow District

North Woodcliffe

Named for the Water Treatment facility on the edge of town, Northern Woodcliffe boasts a more industrial feel. The northern side closer to Richardson features a bunch of run-down, low-income apartment buildings, complete with some lowstanding entertainment, such as Rebel Casino and the Meadowlands Horse Racetrack, fastfood places, and a few pawn shops that bleed down from Richardson.

Jefferson Regional Airport splits Sparrow in half, taking up a large portion of its middle. It cuts the industrial North Woodcliffe away to reveal its equally run-down counterpart.


Still blatantly part of the Slums, much of Brookside is residential. The homes and buildings here are still admittedly very much in decay, and that doesn't stop the drug trade, prostitution, or violence from running rampant in its streets. Human gangs rule this area alongside the dog gangs, walking around with red garments much similar to the red that fades from the outer walls of the office in Donny's Salvage Scrapyard. Humans are often much more aggressive in these parts, choosing to antagonize the strays instead of ignore them completely.

Hudson Valley Asylum

Visible from a great distance is the Hudson Valley Asylum, a quiet and abandoned hospital left for at least a decade now. The perimeter is blocked off from the public with high chainlink fences with barbed wire at their tops. The only way in would be to squeeze through its chained gates or to cut the fence. And as it would seem, some reckless humans have done just that. However, the building sits lonely mostly undisturbed now, given what few valuables it had have been pilfered a long time ago.

Slipping through the small breaches in the fence would be no challenge for the dogs who want to get inside. Within the grounds are many dilapidated buildings left to decay, what valuables (blankets, bowls, toys) left inside for the taking. Or perhaps it's shelter that one would seek coming here. Either way, the asylum is an adventure to be taken, but not to be taken lightly, by anyone who wants a peek inside.

Saints Turf

Blood Village

Blood Village

Blood Village was ironically named, for it is a violent and bloody place. The houses are rundown and crammed together and while not nearly as filthy as the Richardson District, it is a much less desirable place to live simply because you're very likely to be hurt here. Shootings are rampant, fights break out over the smallest things, and there are always sirens heard somewhere in the distance. So common is the gun violence that desperate parents have constructed signs that read 'don't shoot, kids at play'. They say that only the bravest go to Blood Village, and only the most hardy survive there.

The Traphouse

Tucked away in the worse parts of Blood Village lies a large house. Almost stark against the small and dilapidated houses, this house is not anything special. Perhaps meant to be luxurious or perhaps beautiful at one point in time, its appearance, innards, and purpose is disgusting. The windows are broken and poorly boarded by hastily hammered wood; the structure of the place is in shambles - cracked, splintered, and broken in many aspects, it's clear this house's owner does not care for the structure at all. This house serves a different purpose: it's one of the largest Traphouses in Blood Village, and is constantly filled with sick humans that act strangely.

While the traphouse might otherwise not be a dog's first choice when scavenging for food, a smart dog who knows how to play their cards right might be able to get quite a bit of food, given plenty of people inside suffer from the munchies. Still, it's a high-risk and dangerous place - be it from the overdosing participants, uninhibited humans, or the cops that constantly raid the place. A dog snooping around here should know the traphouse is an in-and-out job. Neither dogs nor humans seem to linger about the place once the job is done.

Agwe's Eyes Turf

Sturgeon Bay

Jones Beach

Bordering the outer edges of the city is the serene and scenic Jones Beach. The edge of the city above is hidden by the sheer rock face that separates it from the beach. Here, humans gather in heaps in the warmer months, but stay away in the colder months. At one end, there is a secluded cove only accessible by boat or climbing down the cliffs that the Eyes call their home, and the other is Cliffside Ridge, a small, upper-class part of Komorrah that's quaint and quiet, mostly consisting of families or the elderly.

Jones Beach is a large stretch of coast, broken into two parts by the inaccessible Tortuga Cove. One end allows access to the port and the fish that are hauled in each day, and the other allows access to the Gnarled Oak, where young dogs like to hang out and play.

Tortuga Cove

The cove is a beautiful blue saltwater bay cut off from the rest of the beach by brown and tan cliffs dotted with vegetation. Not very many humans find their way into the cove unless they travel by boat or climb down the steep cliffs themselves. And even then, the rumors of territorial strays usually keep them away.

There are sea caves embedded in the rock itself, further back away from the waves even during high tide. The waters lap at their doorstep, but do not enter the caves. During storms, however, when the waves are more violent, they sometimes flood the caves causing the need to evacuate. The dogs make the seacaves their home, tunneling expertly through the stone walls, finding comfort within the many rooms and caverns.

Many of the rooms have sky lights that filter in light onto the sandy floors below. However, the Eyes have their ways in the darker caves. Stay with them long enough and you will learn their secrets, especially the one about the secret tunnel that leads to another underground cove!

The Boss' cave is easy to spot. It has a trickling waterfall of freshwater running from a stream above the cliffs, down over its mouth. It's as convenient as a water fountain - one can drink from the trickling water right from the walls. The floor around the outside is smooth stone, dusted with sand from outside the caves. In drier and colder months, the pool dries up, the trickle from above not enough to drink from.

Tortuga Cove is the main area where the Eyes live because its so protected. The only way in is by the sea or the cliffs - and the Eyes are excellent swimmers and know how to ascend and descend the cliffs like mountain goats; outsiders, not so much. Tortuga Cove is the only area Brats are allowed to wander safely and freely without being called back. Even though the waves are much more gentle here, there is always someone watching to make sure they don't get washed away. Sometimes fat grey seals can be found lounging on rocks in the water or on the beaches. They're usually harmless unless defending one of their pups, which are good pickings.

Lonely Caverns

Lonely Caverns sits far off the coast by itself, only reachable by dogs who have the endurance to swim out that far. This is the reason that Eyes Tailers triple dog dare each other to swim there and back again. While dangerous, it's a Rite of Passage that all Tailers feel they're required to commit to.

Aside from trying to bash children against the rocks, the Caverns are home to many seals and seabirds during their mating season. It's the perfect place to steal a hatchling of one of the rarer seabirds. For those not looking for bird companions, however, the seals make a great meal should a group of dogs be able to take one down and carry it away.

Lonely Caverns is one of the best places for dogs to talk privately about important business. And not to mention, it serves as the Eyes' makeshift prison. Prisoners are brought there via a wooden raft stolen from the docks long ago. They are led into the narrow mouth of a pitch black cave and pushed down into a shallow grave of sorts - easily climbed out of when one can see, but confusing when they cannot. Outside of the narrow mouth, two of the Eyes' strongest Walkers guard the prison to make sure the prisoners do not try to escape.

The darker portions of the caverns - excluding the prison cave - are almost always lit by a brilliant blue glow. Glow Worms that produce this light reside in the caves. Sometimes the Eyes harvest them in glass jars or bottles left behind on the beach and use them as a light source for the darkest regions of their own sea caves.

Pharos Island

Along a slick, narrow, rocky path sits a lighthouse watching over the bay. From the beach beneath Sturgeon Bay, one can see the tower of white stone against the blue hue of the sea. Using a beacon that shines from the top of the tower, the lighthouse guides boats into port with a beam that's said to be brighter than the moon himselves! It seems to operate on its own, and is the source of many ghost stories around younger dogs.

Pharos Island is very small and the waves crashing around it are often very dangerous, but the place is absolutely covered in seabirds of all shapes and sizes. They nest in the tower and hunt among the rocks because they think its safe there.

A smart fisherman can utilize the untouched shores of Pharos Island and drag in a large haul of shellfish, given they know how to crack them open to get the meat inside. Fish seem to be more plentiful around the rocky shores of the island as well, though it takes a dangerous trek to get there.

Cliffside Ridge

Cliffside Ridge is a town that sits on top of the cliff at the very end of the beach. Here you will find houses, boats, birds, and lots of activity! The houses here are bright and cheery, painted all different colors. Fishermen bring in their hauls to the docks at the end of the day; the garbage cans along the cliff path are often overflowing by the end of the day; and seabirds roost here for the night. There are plenty of opportunities to find food in Sturgeon Bay. That, and cats. Lots of cats, both strays and pets. Just as every house here seems to be a different shade of the rainbow, each house seems to have their own shade of "cat."

Neutral Turf

Almakee State Forest

Almakee State Forest

Beyond the river that separates the city from the forest is the Almakee State Forest, marked by sprawling trees, the crumbling ruins of a very old hill-top church, and a beautiful meadow that blossoms with wildflowers in the spring. Rumors of wolves living here tend to keep dogs away, but the brave or desperate do come beyond the river to scavenge, hunt, and escape the city.

Along the southeastern part of the forest is a campground. Dogs may find the nearby campgrounds a boon for good food during the night, but may have a challenge getting to it. Due to the bears in the area, humans tend to hang their food high up off of the ground. If a clever dog can figure out a way around it, they can carry home enough food for the next day.

Elks Meadow

Nearest to the river that separates the city from the forest is a wide open field of greenery, flowers, and a few odd trees. Rimmed by a thick layer of trees all around, Elks Meadow is a great, wide open space to hunt, play, or learn. A small brook runs through the far side of the clearing, shallow and gentle enough that even pups could splash through it safely. It provides an excellent water source to those venturing out into the forest for long excursions. Elk can often be found grazing in this open land, making an excellent opportunity for hunters to nab a meal. But just like elk, dogs who hang out in the meadow expose themselves to other predators too, like bears and mountain lions. Other prey animals found in this area include rabbits, field mice, various hawk species, and possums.

The Blackwoods

Deep in the forest, at the foot of Black Hills Mountain, there's an eerily bare section with long, thin trees, smoky air, and is void of animals or plant life. No one is quite sure what actually happened, but of course there is speculation. Rumor has it that late at night, dogs see forms in the smoke from the corner of their eyes, only to disappear when they look. There also have been claims of prey disappearing right from in front of them, as if the mist had simply took them away. Dogs avoid travelling through the Blackwoods to avoid the ghost stories; and as it would seem, most other animals do, too. It might be the air or it might be the lack of... everything in the general area. Brave dogs may travel here to debunk these ghost stories; others may be only passing through on their way to Black Hills Mountain to hunt some mountain goats high up on the mountain. They are a special treat and a hearty meal for determined hunters.

Hidden within the mist is an old track that leads right into a deep, dark hole. Inside is an abandoned coal mine, used about 50 years ago. Much of the coal shaft is flooded with poorly-drained rain water and the belly of the mine is presumed to be very dangerous with falling rock that can collapse any day. Some of the rumors suggest that it’s the entrance of Hell and part of the reason why that part of the forest looks like it still burns.

Black Hills Mountain

High in the sky overlooking Komorrah is Black Hills Mountain. The valleys in the lower reaches of the mountain are rocky and hilly. Water pours down from somewhere inside of the mountain, pushing the river violently downstream. The waters here are choppy and dangerous, though there are plenty of fish for those who wish to build the expertise for it. Catching something in the swift river may be too frustrating for a new fisherman, but a determined dog can catch a great haul here for their family.

Elks, rabbits, beavers, and wild turkeys trek through the flatlands while Mountain Goats climb Black Hills' sheer walls expertly, carrying themself higher and farther from other predators. Here, Mountain Goats thrive in their environment. They are a tricky, but hardy meal for patient and clever hunters. Not many will venture to Black Hills Mountain because the rock face itself is often slick with mist and very difficult to climb, but those that do are never disappointed.

Lost Lovers' Hideaway

Nestled deep in Almakee's trees lives the ruins of a small cottage. The roof has long collapsed and what stubbornly stands in the structure's wake is its stone walls, a stone fence, and stone steps. The ruins don't provide much shelter to passing travellers, but they do provide a hiding place, should someone be looking for one.

Legend has it that two forbidden lovers took refuge in the very walls of the cottage after running away from their feuding families. Some say they died within its very walls after a particularly strong gust of wind crumbled the building that night, though that's just speculation and possibly a pups' tale. The small, dillapidated structure looks like it should be haunted, but it isn't. There aren't any ghost stories associated with this site.

The Iron Lung

There's a stretch of abandoned subway cars within the forest, snaking in segments between the trees, seemingly lost to nature. No one quite knows why they're there or how they got there as there are no tracks nearby to explain. Tarnished and old, dented, rusted, and graffiti'd upon, the train's foundation sinks deeper into the ground with each passing rain. This area's name comes from the sound the wind makes passing through the cars on a breezy day -- raspy and loud, it resembles that of haggard breathing.

When a dog discovered it one dark night, they swore there was a monster hot on their tail, breathing so loudly it shook the forest! However, on closer inspection, they discovered no monster, but instead the yawning mouth of the abandoned trains. The Iron Lung is a bizarre structure, but it has its uses; smaller animals tend to make use out of the rusting structures by making their shelter or nests here, so a stealthy dog may be able to get a good meal out of visiting this place.

While an overall interesting place, it's a shame there's a rumor going around that it's haunted...

Candon Farms


For dogs who wish to make themselves weary seeing what lies just beyond Komorrah's borders, they will find a quaint patch of farm country by the name of Candon town. Residents of Candon hardly speak with each other, preferring instead to keep to their respective acres, crops, and livestock. Unlike the city proper, Candon has large quantities of fresh meat and other supplies to snatch, not the last scraps that the garbage has to offer. One problem to look out for, however, is getting too close to a protective sheepdog. Most of the farmers have them to keep the livestock in and predators out. They have strange accents, a strong sense of duty, and a burning hatred for city folks looking for a quick meal and a blanket.

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