Player Rank System

Infidelis' out-of-character player ranking system is an easy way to earn prizes through activity and roleplay. Posting consistently with all your characters, helping others, plotting with others, voting and recommending us and chatting with us on our Discord are all good ways to get noticed by staff and help you achieve your next rank!

Please note, only your OOC account will show your rank level. To claim and be able to use your prizes, you must fill out the form via the Kibble & Prize Claim.

Italicized items do not need to be claimed to be used because they are perks you earn along the way, which never expire!

As always, all offered prizes are available for purchase in the Barc Shop.

If you have questions regarding ooc-ranks or how to obtain your next, please post to Help & Questions or ask us a question in our Discord chat!


  • Street Rat: +50 kibble
  • Goon: +1 Personal Board, ability to make a limited or discouraged status character, a set of Pixel Heads for all your current characters
  • Soldier: become eligible to have a Personal Art Shop (you still have to purchase it in the Barc Shop!), +1 Regular Character Slot, +1 randomly picked item from the Barc Shop
  • The O.G.: +2 posting tables, +1 Instant Rank-Up Token, +1 Urban Creature OR Cat Character Token
  • Captain: +1 item of your choice from the Barc Shop (excluding character slots category), a set of “Dog Doll” pixels of all your characters (made by Sammiie), +1 Permanently Banned Breed Token
  • Underboss: Unlimited Regular Character Slots, +2 Barc Shop items of your choice, +1 full-body art piece of one of your characters
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