Plot & History

Infidelis is based largely on being a running-plot roleplay. This means our plot is made for you by you, as our members have the option to suggest plot points to us as our boardwide plots progress.

Our main plot is introduced in chapters like a book, and it’s what keeps our major storyline moving. The current chapter will always be pinned in the Sitewide Plots board and linked in our header box for easy access. Plot chapters will be updated to include new parts or information, such as sign-ups or recently released information.

Infidelis began at the end of a chilly autumn, and segwayed head-first into an aggressive winter. Winter, by default, is always a hard time for the strays, but the winter of 2017 was an all-time difficult winter for all the gangs...

Past Plot Chapters

You can read over our past (and current) plot chapters here! While major events will be added to the History Timeline below, you can read the plot timelines in full here:

Komorrah’s History

Year One (2017)
  • JAN 01: Tucker, the Yardies' Boss, is usurped by Masrur. Masrur becomes the new Boss and gives Tucker the 'Bait' rank.
  • JAN 02: Masrur declares war on the Dodgers and he and his Yardies claim Waterstone Park.
  • JAN 03: Dodger Boss Tobi and Crab Boss Honcho put aside their differences and join forces against the Yardies.
  • JAN 18: Tucker attempts to join the Dodgers, but he's recognized and attacked.
  • JAN 18: Dodger Boss Tobi promotes Bones to Vice.
  • JAN 31: Yardies Boss Masrur promotes Pandora as his Head Vice and Reaper as his Vice.

  • FEB 05: Yardies Boss Masrur and Head Vice Pandora are lost to the forest after scavenging herbs for the healers. They are never seen again.
  • FEB 05: Crabs Boss Honcho promotes Gothic to Boss and Castor to Head Vice.
  • FEB 10: Reaper hesitates to take command of the Yardies, and ultimately fails to gain control of his gang. The Yardies fall into chaos, doing whatever they please.
  • FEB 13: During a gang meeting between the Crabs and Dodgers, a group of Yardies decide to steal a handful of their pups for ransom.
  • FEB 14: Crab Dessa and Dodger Gemini sneak into Yardie territory. They are tipped off by Yardie Chain and are able to rescue their pups.
  • FEB 15: Realizing the Yardie Boss and Vice are nowhere to be found, the Crabs and Dodgers converge on Waterstone Park, taking it back from the Yardies by force.
  • Waterstone Park is declared neutral territory.

  • MAR 01: Some Yardies plot to get rid of Reaper, others try to ally with Reaper. One thing is for sure: there will be a new Boss soon.
  • MAR 21: Crab Boss Gothic promotes Clam to a Scraper early for his courage and effort to keep the pups safe during their kidnapping. The other Tailers and Brats have mixed feelings about this.
  • MAR 27: Dodger Boss Tobi promotes Gemini and Kiss to Vice.
  • MAR 27: Shoving Reaper aside, Daire claims the Yardies as her own, proclaiming herself its new Boss. She holds a meeting, calling all Yardies together, and tells them how things are going to change for them in the near future.
    Some dogs are unsettled by the changes, and instead, choose to leave the Yardies for good.
  • MAR 28: New Yardies Boss Daire promotes Pirate to be her secondary Snitch.

  • APR 01: The Yardies begin to trespass on Dodger turf more often, seeking food and resources from the city.
  • APR 13: Yardies Boss Daire takes a certain few of her Tailers into the Blood Village to show them the worst of the Slums. When she thinks she's got them good and scared, she offers them an early promotion to adult ranks.
  • APR 14: There's a border clash between the Dodgers and two young Yardies. Dodgers chase the Yardies away.
  • APR 18: Dodgers step up security, keeping the Yardies at bay for the time being.

May - September
  • JULY 21: A massive underground dog fighting ring was staked out by the police, leading to the escape of many dogs. Some followed the lead of Karma to Blood Village.
  • AUG 7: The Saints are formed.
  • AUG 11: Karma tells Zhiva to join the Dodgers and gain their favor.
  • AUG 21: Dodgers Vice Gemini is attacked and injured by Yardies Vice Ramesses and Yardies Banshee when they came to steal food from the Dodgers.
  • AUG 26: Tobi and a few gang members leave on a patrol. Banna is announced as the temporary Boss until she returns.
  • SEPT 4: Tobi is announced 'missing'. Banna confirms her position as the new Boss of The Dodgers.
  • SEPT 8th: A litter of pups is born in the Dodgers to Pixie and Apollo. Their names are Zodiac, Elise, Bullet, and Anabelle.

  • OCT 1: Brutus, a Dodger pup, becomes a tailer.
  • OCT 30: Daire announces an end to traditional tailer ceremonies for the Yardies, as well as a new rank; Hitters.
  • OCT 31: A group of bold humans intrude on Scrapyard grounds. They're driven away by the Yardies.

  • NOV 1: Sekhmet, a Saints pup, becomes a tailer.
  • NOV 2: A few sick Crabs are quarantined to prevent the spread of illness.
  • NOV 6: The Crab boss, Gothic, is accidentally carried away on a boat and does not return.
  • NOV 10: A pet named Kaiyou is caught trespassing on Yardie turf. She fights with Daire and is made bait.
  • NOV 10: The Yardies are violently invaded by humans trying to drive them out. They fight back and the humans retreat. Many are injured or killed.
  • NOV 11: Karma declares Angelus Mortis her vice.
  • NOV 12: Banna officially calls off all search parties for Tobi. She declares herself the permanent Dodger Boss.
  • NOV 13: Revan is promoted to Yardies Security Lieutenant.
  • NOV 19: A few Saints step into Dodger territory to steal. The Dodgers find them and drive them away.
  • NOV 21: Ruger steps up and names himself Boss of the Crabs. He announces Prim as his Vice.
  • NOV 21: A Still Blood call can be heard across the city mourning the missing Gothic.
  • NOV 22: Ruger calls a meeting to discuss the sickness taking hold of the Crabs. He does not show up for it and the meeting carries on without him.
  • NOV 22: Angelus Mortis is declared missing.
  • NOV 27: Humans invade the scrapyard once more, this time bringing weapons and a plan. They are once again driven away.
  • NOV 28: Prim announces that Ruger has left the gang. She declares herself Boss and Oceane her Vice.
  • NOV 29: A Dodger rescue party is put together to save Bones from The Bad Place. They are successful in rescuing Bones, but Gemini is caught in the escape.
  • NOV 29: Anahi is killed on the beach by Saint Zhiva, who drags her body into the waves to discard of it.
  • NOV 30: Hydra locates Tobi's body hidden in the Slums. She leads Brutus and Nikolai to her.

  • DEC 1: A group of Dodgers storm the Yardies' Scrapyard, demanding to know if the Yardies killed Tobi. Daire claims that she herself killed Tobi, and the group is escorted out before things esculate.
  • DEC 2: When the Dodgers go back to The Bad Place to look for their captured Vice, Gemini, he's nowhere to be found in any of the cages.
  • DEC 2: Yet another pair of humans are found breaking into the scrapyard. Akame attacks and accidentally kills one.
  • DEC 4: The Saints pay a visit to the Crabs, bringing with them buckets of supplies they know the Crabs need. Their only interest? To make an alliance with the Crabs. On shaky ground, Prim accepts the gifts and the agreement.
  • DEC 10: Dodgers' Boss Banna holds a meeting, welcoming the former Saints, yet Dodger-borne dog, Spider, and his Yardie mate, Helen, to the gang. In exchange for valuable information and protection from both their former gangs, Banna promotes him to Resourcing Lieutenant, causing extreme backlash during the meeting.
  • DEC 10: Banna promotes Chase as Vice, Youri as Information Lieutenant, Spider as Resourcing Lieutenant, and Nikolai as Security Lieutenant.

Year Two (2018)
  • JAN 4: The Crabs notice that Anahi hasn’t been seen in quite a while, and send a few search parties out to find out what’s become of her. The Quarantine Search Party finds out some grave news - Anahi’s blood trail ends at the water’s edge and a strange smelling dog’s scent is mixed in with it.
  • JAN 5: Humans - men dressed in black clothing carrying weapons - once again invade the Scrapyard, and this time it's for good. They bring guns and open fire on the dogs, giving no option other than to run or be killed. The Yardies are scattered, most into small groups all over the Slums.
  • JAN 10: Crab Gwynlan is the first dog to die from the sickness plaguing the beach dogs.
  • JAN 13: A violent snowstorm rocks Komorrah, causing a ton of damage in its wake!
  • JAN 15: Snooping Dodger Spies learn of the Yardies’ fate - that the Scrapyard is empty of strays and full of humans and machinery.
  • JAN 17: Daire discovers an old Asylum in Sparrow District and decides to make it the Yardies’ new home.
  • JAN 20: Learning that Hydra has recently rejoined the Dodgers, Yardies Ramesses and Banshee hunt her down and kill her for her treachery.
  • JAN 28: A small pocket of Saints begin to feel ill, starting with Zhiva!
  • JAN 31: By now, all scattered Yardies have returned to their new home, the Asylum.

  • FEB 1: The Dodgers discover Hydra’s half-eaten and rotting corpse in an alleyway in the city.
  • FEB 3: Dizzybird is promoted to Health Lieutenant (The Physician).
  • FEB 7: A group of teenagers notices a sickly dog coughing and dragging its feet. They call Animal Control, and the humans learn of the Crabs Epidemic!
  • FEB 10: Boss Prim dies from the Crabs Epidemic! Due to this, Oceane becomes the Boss.
  • FEB 16: Oceane takes a group of sick dogs consisting of Caspienne, Valkyrie, and Gilligan, out patrolling in hopes to lift spirits. They are eventually surrounded and captured by Catchers and taken to the Vet for testing and treatment!
  • FEB 18: The Crabs notice that their Boss and a few of their sick dogs have disappeared! A Lookout informs the rest of the gang that the humans have been taking dogs off the beach.
  • FEB 19: The humans decide to do something about the Crabs Epidemic and begin capturing dogs all over the city to test and ensure that they aren’t sick, too. Dogs that are tested and aren’t sick are adopted out to willing fosters and families. Many dogs disappear off of the streets, including Dodgers Boss Banna, Yardies Vice Ramesses, Dodgers Information Lieutenant Youri, and Health Lieutenant Canula.
  • FEB 19: Chase is promoted to boss, and he promotes the Security Lieutenant, Nikolai, to vice.
  • FEB 28: With no word heard from their Boss, two Crab Lieutenants decide to meet with the Saints and ask them for help. They meet with Karma, and manage to successfully persuade her to help them.
  • MAR 1: Crabs Scout Harlequin is sent out to learn the location of where the humans have been taking sickly dogs; a lab in Teirno.
  • MAR 3: Dodger Resourcing Lieutenant Spider goes missing. It's suspected that the Saints found and killed him for his betryal, but, his status is unknown.
  • MAR 4: A patrol of both Saints and Crabs storm the lab to rescue their taken gangmates. They find Security Lieutenant Valkyrie and a few others, but, can't locate Oceane. The Saints' noticable violence catches the eyes of a few familiar faces...
  • MAR 4: Daire meets Chase and sends her 'regards' to him in the form of a warning. Either bend to the Yardies will, or die.
  • MAR 5: Two Yardies, Kelpie and Rocco, brutally attack Dodgers Housemother Rhea. She's saved from bleeding to death by a Yardies Assistant, who doesn't agree with his gangmates actions.
  • MAR 5: Crab Resourcing Lieutenant speaks with Timmy the vet cat to try and find information about where Oceane may have gone. He gets no useful information.
  • MAR 5: Crab Secueity Lieutenant Valkyrie and Crab Keeper Larceny seach the pound for their boss, Oceane. They turn up empty handed.
  • MAR 6: Dodgers Scout Juno and Dodgers Recruit Howl storm the pound in search for Banna. They turn up empty handed.
  • MAR 6: A group of Saints are attacked by a group of catchers who recognize their dog-fighting roots. They seek to sell them back to their former masters for a bunch of money.
  • MAR 7: Saints Rat Urma speaks with Tiger, a drug lord cat, for information on the humans that have been bothering the Saints recently.
  • MAR 8: Daire announces a call-to-arms for the Yardies. She wants them to wreck havoc on the Dodgers to remind them who the 'baddest dogs' in the city is.
  • MAR 9: A group of Saints are cornered and harrassed by a bunch of catchers, forcing them to escape. One dog, Beatrice, isn't lucky and is captured by them.
  • MAR 15: A catcher wanders too close to the Saints warehouse and is killed by Saints' dogs, Alibi, Be'Khatsa, and Rayne. It's with a shock that the gang realizes that their enemies now know where they live.
  • MAR 15: With no boss now, the High-ranked dogs of the Crabs hold a meeting, announcing a vote will be drawn at the end of the month. It's a race to win the gangs affections and trust!
  • MAR 15: Saints Security Enforcer Zhiva goes behind Karma's back and grants Yuzen permission to temporarily join the Yardies to gain information.
  • MAR 15: Karma announces war on the humans trying to capture the Saints dogs, and encourages human-aggression for her dogs.
  • MAR 16: A group of Yardies raid a resturant within Dodger territory.
  • MAR 19: Two Yardies, Banshee and Darcy, snoop on the Dodgers to learn the location of their food storage.
  • MAR 20: A group of Yardies try to sneakily steal from the Dodgers' food storage. They're found out, and barely escape with their lives.
  • MAR 30: The catchers set the Saints' warehouse ablaze, scattering the gang and ending their 'war' with defeat.
  • MAR 31: The Crabs hold a vote for who will be their next boss.
  • APR 1: A Crabs tailer, Michael, riggs the votes while no one is watching. Dizzybird is announced the new boss of the Crabs via voting. Valkyrie is appointed as his vice.
  • APR 2: Dodgers' Vice Nikolai is taken by the Dogcatcher and sent to the pound.
  • APR 2: The Saints show up on the Crabs beach, injured and homeless. They request to temporarily live with them, and though plenty of Crabs are uneasy about it, Dizzybird welcomes them with open arms.
  • APR 3: Dizzybird calls a group meeting, and changes the Crabs' name to Agwe's Eyes, or 'the Eyes' for short. He has many big changes planned for them, as he introduces them to the spiritual religion from his homeland. This causes some unease and unrest within the gang.
  • APR 20: A patrol of Dodgers, led by Juno, invade Yardies territory and savagely attack a passing by patrol. One of the attacked Yardie dies from their injuies.
  • APR 28: Chase, boss of the Dodgers, is cornered in his own territory and killed by Daire.
  • APR 29: Fallon and Abbadon, Dodger resourcing dogs, come across Chase's body with Yardie scent all over him. Mortified, they rush to tell the gang the horribly news.
  • APR 30: A small patrol of Saints return to the beach, coated in blood and smelling like Yardies. Two Eyes dogs, Judah and Harlequin, approach them, demanding answers.
  • MAR 6: Dizzybird and Karma exchange words. The Eyes boss firmly states that they will not be welcomed to stay on their beach if they cause trouble to the Eyes, especially if they plan on antagonizing the Yardies.

Birth & Death Records

2017 Births
  • None!

2017 Deaths
  • AUGUST: Tobi (Boss of the Dodgers), killed by Karma and Zhiva, Boss and Sentinel of the Saints, respectively.
  • NOVEMBER: Anahi (Assistant of the Crabs), killed by Zhiva, Sentinel of the Saints.

2018 Births
  • APRIL: Fawn (Lookout of the Yardies) gave birth to four stillborn puppies, fathered by Chain (deceased Scout of the Yardies).
  • MAY: Halequinn (Scout of the Eyes) gave birth to six puppies, fathered by Judah (Former Lt of the Eyes)!

2018 Deaths
  • JANUARY: Hydra (Scraper of the Dodgers), killed by Ramesses and Banshee, Vice and Scraper of the Yardies, respectively; Brie (Scraper of the Saints), died from injuries sustained in a fight with Nomad, Scraper of the Yardies; Gwynlan (Keeper of Crabs), died from Crabs Epidemic; Issue (Scraper of the Yardies), killed by Daire and Astaroth, Boss and Walker of the Yardies, respectively, for being a turntail. Brutus (Tailer of the Dodgers) is found mauled and frozen near the Saints Border by Juno, Scout of the Dodgers.
  • FEBRUARY: Prim (Boss of the Crabs), died from Crabs Epidemic
  • APRIL: Chase (Boss of the Dodgers), killed by Daire, boss of the Yardies
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