Plot & History

Infidelis started out largely as a plot-based roleplay, but has transitioned into more of a player-driven plot / sandbox roleplay recently.

While we are largely a sandbox roleplay now, we do like to spice things up with a boardwide IC event from time-to-time! When these kinds of events are released, they are found by following the button on our header to our Sitewide Plots.

Infidelis began at the end of a chilly autumn, and segwayed head-first into an aggressive winter. Winter, by default, is always a hard time for the strays, but the winter of 2017 was an all-time difficult winter for all the gangs...

Past Plot Chapters

You can read over our past (and current) plot chapters here! While major events will be added to the History Timeline below, you can read the plot timelines in full here:

Komorrah’s History

Year One (2017)

Year Two (2018)

Birth & Death Records

2017 Births
  • None!

2017 Deaths
  • AUGUST: Tobi (Boss of the Dodgers), killed by Karma and Zhiva, Boss and Sentinel of the Saints, respectively.
  • NOVEMBER: Anahi (Assistant of the Crabs), killed by Zhiva, Sentinel of the Saints.

2018 Births
  • APRIL: Fawn (Lookout of the Yardies) gave birth to four stillborn puppies, fathered by Chain (deceased Scout of the Yardies).
  • MAY: Harlequin (Scout of the Eyes) gave birth to six puppies, fathered by Judah (former Lieutenant of the Eyes)!

2018 Deaths
  • JANUARY: Hydra (Scraper of the Dodgers), killed by Ramesses and Banshee, Vice and Scraper of the Yardies, respectively; Brie (Scraper of the Saints), died from injuries sustained in a fight with Nomad, Scraper of the Yardies; Gwynlan (Keeper of Crabs), died from Crabs Epidemic; Issue (Scraper of the Yardies), killed by Daire and Astaroth, Boss and Walker of the Yardies, respectively, for being a turntail. Brutus (Tailer of the Dodgers) died from unkown causes;
  • FEBRUARY: Prim (Boss of the Crabs), died from Crabs Epidemic
  • APRIL: Chase (Boss of the Dodgers), killed by Daire, Boss of the Yardies
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