While we are a fictional dog roleplay, and do give our characters some humanistic traits and tendencies, we prefer to stick to realism as much as possible. This means that your characters should not have super strength, be super smart (reading books), or have abilities they wouldn’t normally have. Think about them as an animal and ask yourself whether they’d really be interested in that and whether it’d benefit them in any way. If something does not benefit your character in any way, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t care much about it!


Komorrah is a large city with packed environments. That’s why we ask our players to consider travel times. Komorrah has a couple different districts that have some different terrain - such as the coast, the city, or the forest. Terrain types affect travel times. For example, dogs who aren’t accustomed to walking in sand may take longer walking there than they would in the city or in the forest.

The average amount a dog could run in a day is 10 miles (16.1 km), though a dog’s body mass, musculature, and overall shape depends on this greatly. A fit or long-legged dog could probably cover this no problem, but a Bulldog or a Pug would not, being that their noses are smushed in and they are known to have breathing problems as it is. A Bulldog or a Pug would have to take frequent breaks in between, making their travel time longer versus a dog who could breeze through that in one sitting - like a larger, yet long-legged breed like a Greyhound or Siberian Husky. Take the breed or breeds of your character into consideration when trying to figure out how long it’d take them to travel from one side of the city to the other.

Simply put, your character should not be booking it back and forth from the forest to the beach and back in one day. That’s simply not possible without breaks in between for rest and food/water. It may be reasonable to assume your character has crossed the width of a particularly large district in a day, but certainly not from the forest to the beach or Richardson to Kessir. It’s simply unrealistic and does not take into account travel time, the breaks and rest needed in between, and food breaks!


While dogs, in a gang or not, are free to go wherever they want, actions do have consequences. If two characters are having a thread in another gang’s territory, a character from that gang can hop in at any time and chase them off. Skill Points may be deducted from frequently trespassing gang dogs if they’re caught by a high-ranked character of their own gang or it’s mentioned, somehow, to their Boss!

Gender & Sexuality

While we allow all sexualities and genders here on Infidelis, we ask that our players’ characters list their biological sex on major documents, such as the joining app and their mini-profile. Because we roleplay animals here on Infidelis, and unlike human characters, there are limited ways in which they can outwardly express their gender identity. We ask that all transgender characters list their gender status clearly in their signature for easy reference during roleplay.

As a reminder, it is up to the discretion of your roleplay partner and their character whether to acknowledge your character’s gender status (should it be different from their biological gender), given that scent is one of the main ways in which our characters identify each other. If it’s not obvious to another character that your character is a transgender, then it’s possible that their character will not notice.

At this time, we do not allow sex-changes for dogs to be canon, as it stretches realism a bit too much.

First Tongue

Thought to be the first language of all creatures, First Tongue is considered a 'broken' version of what strays speak now. It is known that dogs, cats, and other animals that have lived with or alongside humans for prolonged periods of time have developed an evolved version of First Tongue, though it is not known how.

All feral animals who do not live in the city or alongside humans (such as carnivores, prey animals, birds, and many other species found outside of the cities) can speak First Tongue by default, making them able to have limited communication with their potential canine and feline acquaintances. This language, however, is likely comprised of simple nouns and adjectives, and lack many other language components that allow sentences to flow smoothly.

A sentence spoken by a dog may be:
"There's danger at the border. A dog passed into our territory."

The same sentence spoken in First Tongue:
"Bad dog come in. Danger! Danger!"

Sudden Disappearances

Living on the streets of Komorrah is treacherous for the strays. Between the dog-catcher, cruel humans, accidents, and environmental dangers, it's not uncommon for dogs to suddenly disappear. Sometimes without a trace. While the gangs do make an effort to find these lost dogs, sometimes, with other things going on, the searches are not as diligent as others.

While it's not likely that a dog's disappearance would be completely ignored, it's not uncommon for gangs to have the "another one bites the dust" outlook.

Perhaps one of the older sayings are the smarter the street dog, the less of a chance they have of disappearing, but that's not always the case! Omegas and Bosses alike can be robbed of life, robbed of everything they were familiar with in the blink of an eye.

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