Our Rules


We expect everyone on Infidelis to be respectful and considerate of one another. Disrespect, harassment, or discrimination of any member, staff, or guest will not be tolerated! Please be mindful of what you say to other people and don’t push conversations that make others uncomfortable! You are expected to always maintain a mature, respectful composure with everyone on site and on the Discord.

Members are encouraged to come to staff when this rule is breached, whether it was something someone said on the general chat, a post, a private conversation, we will always try to step in and help. We do have limited power over private conversations between players, however, we will always try to give our best advice no matter the problem! Please feel free to PM the IF Staff Account or a Staff Member you feel the most comfortable with about the issue. Screenshots are encouraged, or any other kind of proof you can provide so that we are up-to-date on the matter!

All members joining Infidelis must be 15 years or older, given the content of some of our plots, posts, and threads may be too extreme for younger audiences.


Infidelis is an intermediate roleplay site, which means we expect you to know a few things:

  • How to write coherently, have a good grasp on grammar, sentences, and tense
  • How to write a roleplay post
  • What a roleplay site is and how it works
  • How to use a forum site

An intermediate roleplayer does not mean that we expect you to be writing novels on the side. It simply means that we expect you to be familiar with forum roleplays, how they work, and what's expected of you here. We also wish for a grasp on basic writing skills, but we won't turn you away for your skill level as long as its coherent!

It's OK to be confused on a new site, but we should not have to go farther than helping familiarize you with where things are. We should not have to teach you how to post a thread or have to explain what replies are. You should already know that you have to write in order to roleplay, and post new threads and replies to do so!


Our board rating is 3 1 3, which might not mean a whole lot to you, so let's break it down:

  • 3: Extreme swearing is permitted in in-character posts. This means swearing is permitted in posts. However, we ask that players maintain a PG-13 atmosphere when chatting in other areas of the board outside of in-character posts.
  • 1: Mild sexual innuendo references permitted in in-character posts. This means that implicit, subtle hints in your character’s dialogue or actions are OK, but explicit, obvious actions are not. All posts must fade to black before sexual acts happen.
  • 3: Extreme violence is permitted in in-character posts. This means you can go crazy with your violent posts. There are no limitations here. Do not post pictures depicting any blood or gore. This is strictly for writing only!

Please include a [TW] tag in the title of threads containing extreme violence or swearing for sensitive audiences!

Discord Rating

While we are liberal with swearing and violence on board for roleplay posts, please keep these things off of our Discord server! Please keep our Discord Channels (excluding #Venting) PG-13 at all times! Heavy swearing and vulgarity makes some uncomfortable as well as talking freely about violent topics. If you really want to tell someone about a gruesome story or something terrible your character has done, please move it over to their DMs!


Our Strike System, or punishment system, is a way to correct members’ behavior. When a player breaks a rule, they will receive a strike detailing which rule they broke, their repercussions, and how to avoid breaking it in the future. It’s a three strikes you’re out kind of deal. Each player gets three warnings or three chances to make it right. Failure to do so on the third warning results in a permanent ban from the site.

Strikes reset to zero after one year of good behavior. This excludes those who’ve already been banned.


Infidelis is an Account Per Character roleplay, which means aside from your Player Account, you will make an account for each additional character you play here. Please register your Player Account using your name, nickname, or alias that you will use on site. If you include any numbers, expect them to be on display always. Please register your character accounts using their exact names with the correct spelling. Please don’t add numbers or characters to these names!


We’re generally lenient with what pictures you can use for your characters’ Face Claims. We understand that it’s often hard to find Creative Commons images for unique characters, which is why we don’t enforce any sort of rules on usable pictures. Many of us use pet Instagrams, Flickr albums, DeviantArt albums, or even Google images (compiled into an Imgur album). All that we ask is that you provide the credit where it’s due. If you’re using someone’s Instagram for your face claim, link the instagram on your application, link their account if you’re putting one of their pictures on a table, or stick their account name somewhere on your hover image just visible enough.

All that we ask of you is that if someone pops onto the site and asks for their picture(s) to be removed, you remove all of their pictures right away. If you need help finding a replacement, we’ll help!

Any type of image is allowed to be used as a Faceclaim as long as it portrays your character correctly. This includes drawn art, photo manipulations, real-life pictures, or any other medium.

Please do not use other people's drawn art as a Face Claim without obtaining their explicit permission.

INFIDELIS is the intellectual property of Tobi, Silvy, and Sammiie. All images used in the site's layout are Creative Commons and belong to their respective photographers. All codes and scripts belong to their respective coders. For a detailed rundown of our credits, please visit our Credits Page!