Saints Jobs & Descriptions


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BOSS Karma
Zhiva -- -- Arcania
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Letty -- -- --
Crime -- Forlac Urma
Malice -- -- --
Alibi Reaper Morgana Onyx
Archelaos Be'Khatsa -- Mora
Ronan Bellatrix -- Yuzen
-- Brielle -- Badger
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Nava -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Minerva -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
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Boss (1)

The Boss is the leader of the gang, the head honcho. The Boss has the first and final say in all matters, paws down. Traits that make a good boss may include physical ones such as physical strength or fighting skill, or intellectual ones such as cleverness or courage. The dog in this rank has earned their way to the top by fighting or proving themselves as an asset to the gang. No dog becomes a Boss by inheritance.

Unlike the other gangs, the Boss of the Saints is not required to really do anything if he/she does not want to. They've made it to the top, after all. They typically have the first picks of food from the gang stockpile, too.

Vice (1)

The Vice's duties are providing advice to the Boss as well as protect him or her from possible danger. The Vice is often strong as well as clever, due to needing knowledge and guardianship. The Vice helps organize the day's events, and assigns tasks to each tier's lieutenants for that day's tasks. A Vice's word can only be surpassed by the Boss. They are hand-picked by the Boss, and work hard to get and maintain their position.


Enforcers (1 per job)

The Enforcers are the Heads of each job. They organize the patrols, the raids, and the tasks of each job tier. There is one Enforcer for each job, and they should be respected and all dogs should follow their orders. A dog that fails to listen to their Enforcer can face punishment by the Boss.

While the Enforcers have the duty of organizing job tasks, they also participate in them as well. Think of them as a slightly-higher in level. They still need to participate in their job, but they are the ones who call the shots. Dogs in this rank should be practical, logical, and possess a few skills in their tier.

The Favored

Fool (!)

The Fool is... an odd rank. A 'special' one. They're sometimes considered the 'lucky' Bait Dog. Surprisingly, the Fool is a dog who is one of the Bosses' closest 'companions'. However, the Fool operates more so as a 'personal servant' to the boss. They handle personal tasks, such as finding out information on a certain dog to even more demeaning tasks, such as fetching them food. And if the food the Boss desires isn't available? Well, they have to go on out into the city and find it. Despite this, unlike the bait dogs, seldom can The Fool be disciplined or treated harshly by the others.

Gladiators (!)

A rank earned through sheer willpower and hard work, the Gladiators are individuals who are looked up to within the Saints. These dogs could easily be considered the 'tanks' of the Saints, often large in stature and notable for their resilience as scars cover their forms. These ranks are often composed of dogs who are the most loyal to Karma - to where some wonder if they put her life over the value of the gang as a whole. They move by her command and her command only, sometimes causing a slight drift and distance between those of regular ranks and these famed behemoths. Due to this, those within this rank tend to have a close camaraderie towards one another.

When becoming a Gladiator, one sheds their normal name in favor of gaining a 'Dog Ring Name'. Some choose to go back to their roots and choose their previous dog fighting names, whilst others take a different turn. As of such, rarely will a Gladiator be called by their regular name as a show of respect, especially when out in the field. Some suspect this further distances them from their gangmates. Lastly, all Gladiators bare one similar scar over their chest directly where their heart is, given to them by a Ripper as a pledge of their loyalty.

Rippers (!)

A somewhat odd rank, and not for those who are faint of heart, the Rippers are tasked with the bloody task of 'making the Saints look scary'. Possessing an odd knowledge in healing and anatomy, these dogs are trained in the art of both tail docking/ear cropping as well as scarification. Tailers often come to these dogs in desire to make themselves seem tougher or get a desired image as they become adults, older dogs may approach Rippers for healing advice on their scars to even gaining new ones as a manner of coping and therapy. Some see such a procedure as a means of 'rebirth' or coming to terms with themselves, and this artistic dogs are quite capable in making even the ugliest scars look newer and more aesthetically acceptable.

Security (∞)

Within the Saints, those who hold tasks within the Security rank are considered one of the most important ranks, because, to these dogs, securing their borders are extremely important. They patrol the territory and borders making sure that no one trespasses on The Saints turf. Most Security deployed for the day will be assigned certain parts of the territory to patrol, while a certain few will be assigned to stick by the gang's general living area to guard it from threats. Dogs choosing this rank should expect sore paws - however, The Saints consider it an honor to be trusted with defending the lives and territory of ones gang. Any cowardice while being in this rank is frowned upon. The Security of the Saints are noted to be quite aggressive to outsiders, often attacking without question. This is a tactic created by their founding boss, Karma, who believes that outsiders capable of withstanding the onslaught are worthy enough to join.

Unlike the other gangs, seldom will Security accompany Medics in gathering herbs, most likely due to the lack of importance seen in the Medic role within the gang.

Resourcing (∞)

Those of this job are considered the providers of the gang. They scavenge and steal food and supplies for the Saints. Unlike the other gangs, Saints live day-to-day, not having a stash of stored food for when times get really tough or pickings are small. Thus, harsh punishment is given if one eats before bringing anything back. This style of living is also why these dogs are always out and tend to be overworked. If they don't find anything, the dogs seldom eat that day. Well, excluding the Boss, of course. Whenever these dogs return, typically, the Boss has first pick. Then, the dogs can fight over whatever's left.

They may stick to their own territory within Blood Village, however, it's not uncommon at all for the dogs to go to other territories to find food and supplies. Hence why you'll find the occasional heavy-set, combat-oriented scavenging dog within their patrols, encase a rivaling gang decides to try and drive the stealing dogs out.

Health (∞)

Assitants/Medics/Healers are valuable assets to the gang who have a vast knowledge of herbs and medicine, and are very dexterous. However, within the Saints, Assitants/Medics/Healers are often looked down upon as being 'weak'. This is because plenty of the dogs find it demeaning to go to have their injuries tended to - they'd rather have it scar over than treat it with some 'rolled up flowers'. Hence why it's not too uncommon for a dog to reject their help! Technically, Assitants/Medics/Healers do have authority over most 'regular ranked' dogs...Not that it really matters much to these stubborn, fight loving dogs.

Unlike the other gangs, Assitants/Medics/Healers within The Saints don't really tend to gardens due to the lack of greenery within the Blood Village. This, of course, doesn't stop them from stealing from other Assitants/Medics/Healers' gardens though. Also, Assitants/Medics/Healers within the Saints tend to lack the extra toe and rich history / tradition that goes along with it like the other gangs have.

Additionally, Assitants/Medics/Healers have the choice of going into battle or staying in camp during times of war. This choice is to be respected either way, but all Assitants/Medics/Healers will learn to fight.

Debt Collectors (∞)

There's a reason these dogs are named after such devious animals. While most in the Saints prioritize strength over mind, Karma, the founding leader of the Saints, saw value in even those who appeared weak or small. In effort to expand the Saint's influence and power in more ways than one, this rank was created. Dogs in this rank could be considered 'debt collectors' of some sort - or as they're often fondly referred to as, 'false heroes'.

These dogs are all about deals and debt, often aiding those outside the gang in exchange for, eventually, repaying their debt. And like any landshark, the 'payback' rate is often ridiculous. Often a friendly, smiling face, hearing the words, "no worry friends, just know you owe the Saints now," is far more terrifying than any walker could ever be. It's also their responsibility to keep tabs on who owes the gang and to go 'collect' from those who do...which often turn violent, more often than not.

From loner to even other gangs, they extend their help in hopes of scoring their deal. Aside from this, these dogs function as 'information gatherers' and are big on trading with cats - be it for drugs, resources, or more information. These dogs aren't against forcing someone into making a 'deal' with them either. Higher ranked individuals of this job may even goes as far as joining other gangs to becoming close friends/mates with their 'targets' to attain any information needed. They're useful in keeping gang relations with allies good whilst also keeping an eye and 'dirt' on their enemies.

Due to how two-faced and sometimes even heartless individuals within this rank must be, many others within the Saints don't trust them, often causing a rift to form between them and others. While these dogs do have an enforcer, there's rumors that they actually take orders from The Fool themselves...Which is quite the embarrassment! Most of these dogs refuse to own up to it though.

General Population

Recruits (∞)

The Recruit rank is for adult dogs who newly join the Saints. Because they are brand new to that gang’s culture, they start in this rank so that they can start becoming familiar with gang life. Recruits choose a job and begin training for it with that job’s Enforcer. Once the dog’s Enforcer believes the dog is ready to work for real, he or she will be promoted.

  • Be a member of the gang for at least one in-game month
  • Have made 15 in-character posts

Denmothers (∞)

While, mothers, when nearing their pups births, do leave the pack, upon their return, their pups are given to the Denmother. The Denmother is responsible for ensuring that the brats become prized Saint members, teaching them the ways of a 'strong dog'. Furthermore, they ensure that the pups remain safe. Unlike other Denmothers, some may call the Saints Denmothers 'ruthless', as they often don't seem to do much should a pup get hurt. Additionally, its their job to ensure that the pups remain safe/with the group when they move about to new places within the Blood Village. There's a slight rift between some Denmothers in deciding how tender and coddling they should be to the pups. Some are ruthless, letting pups experience the world of pain and hurt early just as many of the older, former game-dogs have, while others try to show them a more softer, carefree life.


Tailers (∞)

Once a Brat turns 4 months old, they are promoted to the Tailer, or apprentice, rank. In this rank, Tailers acquire a Mentor and train for their aspiring job, but will get a sampling of all jobs before they graduate. Mentors assign their Tailers tasks in which they must complete, or face appropriate punishment. Mentors are to be considered a Tailer's boss, and should be treated with respect.

Typically, Tailers will graduate once they reach 1 year of age, but may not if their Mentor believes they are not ready. A Mentor may postpone the graduation for as long as they see fit.

  • Learn a new skill, whether its for your future job or survival
  • Learn about two different jobs from two different dogs (this should be done in two threads)

Brats (!)

Brats, or puppies, are the little guys who haven't received a mentor yet. While it is generally agreed upon within The Saints that brats aren't to be hurt or killed....however, sometimes this rule is forgotten about or overlooked. A brat getting a few scratches or sharp bites isn't exactly uncommon.

Unlike the other gangs, The Saints don't necessarily care if a brat decides they want to leave the safety of home or their Denmother's gaze, even if they try to somewhat avoid it. Just don't expect them to come to your rescue either.

Brats are promoted to Tailers at 4 months old.

The Expendables

Bait Dog (∞)

To be a Bait Dog within The Saints is an unfortunate thing indeed. Bait Dogs are the lowest of the low, ranking wise, belonging to dogs who the Boss often feels are 'useless'. This is characterized as older dogs who can't pull their weight, permanently injured dogs, smaller dogs who have yet to prove themselves, or dogs who have just joined. Yes, this rank {or an odd mixture of being treated like a Bait Dog despite not being one} is often given to dogs who have just joined The Saints, typically used to test them. Dogs who are punished may be forced to become a Bait Dog as well. If a serious crime is committed, become a Bait Dog is considered a 'mercy'.

These dogs often have to endure being used as punching bags for the others. They often go a few days without eating or forced to sleep in places rather uncomfortable. They're often seen as 'expendable'. If a Bait Dog wants, they're allowed to bare their teeth - nothing states that they have to be submissive. However, be prepared for the severe consequences should you do so. No one would really bat an eye if a Bait Dog was killed, and it isn't uncommon for others to jump into a fray between a bait dog and a dog of higher rank.... typically, it's not to help them, either.

Bait Dogs having pups are something seen as a burden, and it isn't uncommon for the Saints to reject these 'bad-blooded' pups in general.

(#): A number inside means that there are a limited number of available slots for this rank.
(!): An exclamation point means that this rank requires special circumstances or characteristics to obtain it.
(∞): An infinity symbol means that there are an unlimited number of available ranks or jobs in this tier. Choose the one that best fits you!
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