The Setting

Infidelis is a modern-day stray dog roleplay set in the fictional city of Komorrah in a subtropical climate. It centers around the stories of four dog gangs: the Dodgers, Agwe's Eyes, the Yardies, and the Saints. Each gang is ever-changing and adapting to life in Komorrah, fighting their way to the top to survive. Players may choose to join in on the chaos or tough it out and survive on their own as a Loner.

Infidelis dictates weather for each month on board. To find out the weather, simply click the weather box on the header above!


Komorrah is a mix of city, suburbs, slums, forest, beach, and farmland. We offer quite a few environment types for an interactive roleplay! The most prominent part of Komorrah is the city, followed by the forested areas, then the suburban areas throughout the map. There are plenty of different types of people, as well as dogs, spread throughout the map, put there for an immersive roleplay.

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This season is always signified by shorter summer days and falling temperatures. The greenest leaves from the summer vegetation begin to turn orange, yellow, and brown, and fall from the trees above; flowers die, bushes become brittle, and nature begins to prepare itself for the winter to come. Fall seems to bring about a happy murmur to the city, though, as humans prepare themselves for the holidays to come. This is generally a happy time for the dogs, too, as they bring in as many resources as they can to stash away for the winter months.

Winter (December to February)

Komorrah has seen both harsh and mild winters wrack its city. Some years, only cold temperatures come with very little snow; other years, snowstorms are the norm and the ground is often colored with grayish snow piles and ice-slicked sidewalks. With the shortest days and longest nights, the winter is the hardest season for the strays because food is always hard to come by, due to the lack of humans on the streets. Dogs must rely mostly on scavenging and digging through the garbage for their meals. The animals in forest are always there for the taking; however, not many dogs know how to hunt like wolves do. The winter season is the hardest on the Loners of Komorrah, though.

Spring (March to May)

Like a breath of fresh air, spring signifies the end of winter and the start of a new balance of warmth, fertility, and livelihood again. All who have survived the winter usually celebrate, in some shape or form, the start of spring. As various plants begin to bloom once more, spring brings forth the ability for dogs to begin gardening and building up their herb stock again. Migrating birds flock to Komorrah’s forest and beach from their southerly wintering and young animals are usually born around this time. Spring brings forth overall happiness and hope.

Summer (June to August)

Marked by long days, humidity, and prospering vegetation through the city and forest areas, summer is the most fruitful time for the strays. The dogs benefit from humans in the city during these months; food is always plentiful on the streets and if not, there are always food vendors that can be robbed! Stores are often busy enough to where strays can slip in and out mostly unnoticed, and food is very easy to come by during this time, due to often overflowing garbage cans and careless humans leaving their food unattended.

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