High & Special Ranks

High Ranks

High Ranks give players an opportunity to play a character in a Leadership role. High ranking characters are very important to Infidelis because they help drive the roleplay. This is part of the reason why it’s important these characters are very active; an active gang translates to an active roleplay and eventually, more members trickle in.

The High Ranks of each gang vary, but the hierarchy is set in a similar fashion: Boss, Vice, Lieutenants / Enforcers. There are three levels of high ranks that characters have the chance to be promoted to. Promotions are first-come-first-serve to the dogs in their third level rank, though may be accepted or rejected at the gang leader’s discretion.

How to Obtain Them

To obtain a High Rank, your character needs to reach the third level of their job tier to be able to qualify. Third-level-ranked dogs are usually promoted in the following order: Third Level Ranked Dogs -> Lieutenants / Enforcers -> Vice -> Boss

Should a Boss or Vice position open up, the High Rank ladder will adjust with it. The Vice will move to Boss, and the most fit Lieutenant (looking at both IC and OOC standards) will be chosen as the next Vice; then their Lieutenant position will open up to someone else. This is determined on a case-by-case basis that depends more on whether there are any dogs eligible for the Vice position by both in-character and out-of-character standards.

Lieutenants are promoted over a working dog (or a dog from the Job Ranks) because the Lieutenant has more leadership experience.


See Job Ranks for more details on ranking up.

Expectations (once you're promoted)

Please see High Rank Expectations for what we expect of our High Rank holders! The title is nice, but with it comes some responsibility.

Special Ranks

Special Ranks, or Special Jobs, are different from the gang’s regular jobs. Special Ranks often focus more on one specific job or duty, rather than a wide spectrum of possible jobs. There are only a few available spots for these ranks, and only dogs reaching the second level of their job tier will be eligible for promotion to a Special Rank. These ranks differ from gang-to-gang, relying more on what that gang needs.

How to Obtain Them

Your character only needs to reach the second level of their job tier to be eligible for a promotion to a Special Rank. Though, if the job requires certain traits or skills from a dog, it may be the gang leader’s discretion whether or not to promote a dog to that rank.


See Job Ranks for more details on ranking up.

Side Jobs (Barc Shop Item)

Side-Jobs, or co-ranks, are similar to Special Ranks because they differ from the gang’s regular jobs. By purchasing this in the Barc Shop, you may make a custom side job for your character to carry out in their gang. Once you know your character’s side job, submit it to Gang Maintenance for your gang leader’s approval.

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