The Timeline

Many sites run on something called 'Liquid Time' and IF is no different. However, one has to keep a self conscious timeline of their character when having so many threads {an example being, if my character got injured in this thread, would it effect this thread I'm going to make or would it be included in this other thread I'm in?}. The timeline is a simple mechanic used on IF to ensure that things make sense chronologically and to otherwise help things flow better! You can find the actual Timeline here and Timeline maintenance here.


As stated before, the timeline ensures that 'order' is created in a chronological sense. If your thread is dated for January 5th and then your character has another one dated for January 10th, whatever happened on the 10th hasn't occurred yet. They got injured on the 10th? Didn't happen. They found out a secret about a character? Before the 10th, they wouldn't know it. Got a mate on the 10th? Sorry Casanova, but you two aren't mated in any thread before the 10th. It also prevents from 'overlaps' happening (as discussed in the next section).

Can I have multiple threads on the same day?

Your character can, of course, have multiple threads on one day, however, it's not possible for your character to be patrolling with someone at night as well as back at the camp chilling with the boss at night on the same day. You can space these out and say things happened after your dog finished doing said patrol. HOWEVER, the staff recommends you space out threads that occur in the same day with things such as 'evening, morning, noon, night, etc'. So lets say your dog went on a patrol in the morning. And then you have another thread on that same day taking place in the afternoon. The two threads don't clash with one another and chronologically make sense!

What dates can I choose?

Really, any date you want! If the newest month is April, you can have a thread in any month before it as well! Generally speaking though, try not to go too far back. We like to try and keep threads within the newest month and the month before it. However, we're not going t bite your head off if you make a thread dated for February. If a new month opens up, you're free to choose whatever date you'd like. However, it might not be the best idea to automatically date a thread for...lets say April 22nd just after April's opened up. It sounds complicated, but don't worry! Slowly, you'll start to see threads being created farther and farther within the month.

How do we move forward to the next month?

Which brings us to another point! Our months here do NOT follow real time months. Meaning, IRL, it could be December, but in rp, we could only be up to August. And so how do we progress? When the staff notices the current month getting full & believes its time to move onto the next month, we'll open up a new one!

Where do I put the date in my threads? What happens then?

Anywhere! There's a section underneath the title of your thread when making it that you can add all those juicy details! Including the date, whether the thread is open/closed, to even the time of the day {morning, night, etc}. After you create your thread please be sure to fill out the form on the Timeline Maintenance thread so we, the staff, can ensure that your thread is added to the timeline.

What about my character's age?

Aging your canine is typically something that doesn't really matter/don't have to update it UNLESS they're still in their 'months' age - which applies mainly to Pups and Tailers. It's rather simple though! Say your dog's birthday is in July. Just add however many months after July to find your dogs age! If our current month is in January, that means your dog is 6 months old!

Trying to find out how old your dog is in a thread? Just count! If your dog was born in July and the current month is May, then count! August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May! Your dog would be 10 months old!

The same thing applies to older dogs who use years instead of months. If their birthday is in January, and they're a year old, next time January rolls around, they'll be two years old! Please note that if you dogs birthday hasn't rolled around yet, they'll still be aged appropriately. If you join with a year old character whose birthday is in July and we're in June, when july comes, your dog will be officially two years old.

Do note one thing though. Say your tailer is 6 months in the current month, and so you update your profile with '6 months'. If you make a thread in March (or any other past month), your dog would be 5 months{or less depending on which previous month the thread is in} - not 6. Which basically means that past months means past (younger) age.

What? There's weather?

Yep, there's weather! Please follow the weather that is indicated on that day. This is to prevent people from stating that it's snowing and yet sunny and beautiful on the same day!

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