Welcome to Infidelis!

Seriously, welcome! We think you know what you've gotten yourself into once you loaded the site, but in case you don't, we'll give you the lowdown! Infidelis is a modern-day stray dog roleplay set in the fictional state of Komorrah, a subtropical climated area loosely based off of the northeastern United States. It centers around the stories of four dog gangs: the Dodgers, Agwe's Eyes, the Yardies, and the Saints. Each gang is ever-changing and adapting to life in Komorrah, fighting their way to the top to survive. Players may choose to join in on the chaos or tough it out and survive on their own as a Loner.

Infidelis rides along on player-driven plots and occasional boardwide events. We also host a whole bunch of cool contests and events you can get involved in that will earn you Kibble ($$$) and prizes! See Fun & Games for more information!

And if that's not enough to completely convince you that we're an awesome community, there's a few things we have in store for the future, too!

INFIDELIS is the intellectual property of Tobi, Silvy, and Sammiie. All images used in the site's layout are Creative Commons and belong to their respective photographers. All codes and scripts belong to their respective coders. For a detailed rundown of our credits, please visit our Credits Page!