Welcome to Infidelis!

Seriously, welcome! We think you know what you've gotten yourself into once you loaded the site, but in case you don't, we'll give you the lowdown!

Infidelis is a modern-day stray dog roleplay set in the fictional city of Komorrah, a subtropical climated area loosely based off of New York City's city and slums areas. It centers around the stories of four dog gangs: the Dodgers, the Crabs, the Yardies, and the Saints. Each gang is ever-changing and adapting to life in Komorrah, fighting their way to the top to survive. Players may choose to join in on the chaos or tough it out and survive on their own as a Loner.

Infidelis has a running sitewide plot that's created by you (yes, you read that right!). Staff will collaborate with members when it's time to bring some fresh content to the site in the form of appealing new plots for our future! So, if you think you've got this super cool idea for a plot or subplot, let staff know! You never know, it might wind up as one of our next plots!

We also host a whole bunch of cool stuff members can get involved in that will earn them Kibble (our money) to buy things in the Barc Shop and prizes, such as our Player Ranking System, trivia, raffles, Top Posters, art, and advertising contests, the Prompt Pup, activities, and monthly spotlights!

And if that's not enough to completely convince you that we're an awesome community, there's a few things we have in store for the future, too!

Future Plans

  • None yet, we've accomplished all of our future plans so far! Hooray!
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