Yardies Information

Many of the first generation Yardies were pushed together with human intervention, told to work together to guard the Scrapyard that they lived in. However, later generations were just strays from the Slums who sought refuge in the Scrapyard after it closed. For this reason, the Yardies aren't much of a "family". They are a gang of dogs trying to survive together, but each of them have their own survival rules - and the Unspoken Law is not one of them. There are sometimes disagreements or fights among the ranks between angry dogs that don't get along. Daire encourages dogs to settle arguments in a sort of "fight ring style" where Yardies who gather around form a circle to watch their comrades battle it out (sometimes to the death, up to the fighters). The winner takes all and the loser shuts up.



  • RUTHLESS: Often seen as cold, rude, and ruthless to the other gangs, the Yardies are very likely to attack intruders and physically fight over territory.
  • CRIMINAL: The Yardies are not above lying, cheating, stealing, and spilling the blood of both their own gang and others to get what they want. While some of them have a soft interior, it's best not to show that around their gangmates, lest they use that against them.
  • SCRAPPY: Many of the original Yardies were trained for guarding, including running, pain-tolerance, tracking, and overall viciousness and intimidation. To Yardies, it might seem like fighting is the only way to solve disputes. Some pups learn this from a young age, too, and grow up with that mentality.
  • OBSERVANT: Yardies tend to be very knowledgeable when it comes to humans and their behavior, due to many of the Yardies being pets once upon a time. This knowledge allows them to perfect the way they interact with humans. They know the proper ways to escape them, steal from them, use them, and read them.
  • CHAOTIC: There are very few rules that the Yardies do follow, and have been guided to do nothing but push until they cannot any longer. In the name of freedom and violence, it's every dog for themselves out there and everyone has to work for their own benefit. The Yardies are not against breaking the rules to get their way.

ratters & hitters

The Yardies have quite a few ranks that break away from the tradition that the other dog gangs use. One of them being the Ratters and the other being the Hitters. Odd as it may seem, the Yardies, the ferocious slumdogs actually have a use for small dogs in their ranks. They're called Ratters and you'll often see them scurrying around through scrap tunnels, around junk piles, and into holes chasing down the pesky rodents.

The Hitters, however, are a slightly different story - one not so much as finding a purpose for their otherwise useless, smaller counterparts, but one that plays sides. Daire, the Boss, likes playing favorites, and there's no secret about that. She rewards those who deserve it. The Hitters are just that - rewarded dogs who have proven themselves. They are excused from having regular jobs, but are still required to work with other dogs and help them with their jobs on their off-days. Most days, however, the Boss and Vice give them direct commands and send them on their own missions.


Young Yardies enjoy a vicious game called Ringers. A big circle is drawn into the dirt and a bunch of pups stand in the ring facing each other. When someone counts down and cries 'Ring 'em!' the pups throw themselves at each other in a flurry of scratching, biting, and shoving in an attempt to get the other dogs out of the ring. The last dog standing in the ring wins the game.

Ringers is used as a good way to train pups to tolerate pain, figure out their own fighting techniques, and make them more prone to fighting to get what they want. It's both fun and a learning experience for those who want to use it as such!


Rite of Passage

When Brats are ready to graduate into Tailers at 4 months old, they are given one last task that truly represents what they’ve learned during their lessons. In order to pass their Rite of Passage, Brats are tasked with finding an interesting, important, and impressive item to present to the Boss and Vice in front of the whole gang. The whole gang gathers around, and each Brat brings out their item. One by one, they step forward and present their item to the Boss and Vice, stating why they think it is important or impressive.

In this moment, Daire is mostly looking for the Brat’s effort and their understanding of what they think the gang considers important. A Brat that doesn’t try to bring an important item will undoubtedly not be graduated to a Tailer. Even as an older dog, they will not be allowed to integrate into Yardie society until they’ve proven themselves somehow.


At 9 months of age, Tailers are given an important task the day before their Initiation ceremony. They are tasked with finding and killing an impressive prey animal to present to the Boss and Vice the day after. Tailers go out and find a challenging animal to hunt and kill and bring back with them. The more challenging, the better the recognition. Daire wants to see that Tailers are capable of surviving on their own.

During the initiation, the Tailer graduates will line up and one-by-one announce what they’ve caught, what was challenging about it, and how they accomplished their task. Daire will then tell them what their animal represents about them (ex. Rat/bird = agility or stealth; deer = strength). If its blatantly clear, Daire may suggest which job they should fill.

Day of Still Blood

Unlike the other gangs, the Yardies don't care much for their dead. A fallen dog is a dead dog, and once their heart stops, they are gone. This is not to say that the Yardies don't mourn their dead, but they don't do so in a ceremonial way. The deceased's level of respect within the gang also plays a huge part; while there may be a collective howl to send a respected member off, there may not be any acknowledgement for say a Bait who lost their life.

Leader Policies


Daire is the kind of ruler that gains respect by fear most of the time. Only certain kinds of dogs would appreciate her mental and physical strength. She's hard on her members; she wants things done exactly the way she says and done right or punishment will be served.

If trespassers were to come into the Slums, Daire would probably have her henchmen bring them to her, where she'd play passive-aggressive and terrible to see what they want... but then again, if she catches a trespasser in Yardie territory herself, she might just skip the questions and go right into attack-mode. It all depends on the situation and how Daire is feeling at that time.

Trespassers are one thing, potential joiners are another. In this situation, Daire would force the dog to submit their loyalty to her, to serve her, and to do what she says. Only once that respect is given and understanding is met would Daire allow an Outsider into the Yardies. If she believes a dog is only joining to spy or otherwise, she'd allow them in, play stupid, and watch them, waiting for a moment to catch them, allowing her to either attack or kill them for their treachery.

The rules are simple: don't cross Daire.

Daire likes things to go her way all the time. Diplomatic relationships are hard to come by with her unless she's getting something out of it, too, like resources or permissions. She doesn't care much for alliance, thinking that her gang can survive on strength and cunning alone.

Past and Present Ranks

  • Tucker (usurped by Masrur, killed by Lovecraft & Jabberwocky)
  • Masrur (disappeared)
  • Daire

  • Tucker (became a Boss)
  • Pandora (disappeared)
  • Reaper (forced to step down, left the gang)
  • Ramesses

  • Revan
  • None!

  • None!

  • Kenna
  • None!

  • Speak

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